Kmart Black Friday Ad 2014 With Destiny, Evil Within Discounts And SYWR Bonus Points

Techtorial: Kmart revealed its Black Friday ad for gamers with discounts to Destiny, The Evil Within, Forza Motorsport 5, etc. and bonus points to SYWR (Shop Your Way Reward) members.

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CerealKiller1532d ago

"Sale $9.99-$49.99 each", meaning Modern Warfare 3 is $9.99 and newer games like Destiny and The Evil Within will be $49.99, no sale here!

user55757081531d ago

this is why K-Mart is failing.

they're offering the major deals to people who are already members of their rewards program when they should make an ad that brings new customers to their store

ABizzel11531d ago

Their entire ad was horrible. K-Mart is a pass for me, and I don't even need their ad to match prices this year.