Your input can shape the future of PS Plus

Sony are looking for your input in shaping the future of the PS Plus service.

Gamers have been asked to give suggestions of what games they would like to see come to the service on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

These suggestions will then be sent to the PS Plus team.

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madmonkey011538d ago

good to know they want our input. I hope they listen.

BrianG1538d ago

To be fair this is not Sony asking for input. It is a forum post from a PS user.

Either way, it can't hurt to post on the forum any suggestions, a few might end up a reality.

madmonkey011537d ago

oh my mistake, i thought it was an official thread.

kurruptor1538d ago

I think they should offer more games, but you can only choose maybe 1 or 2. Just gives more diversity and less "I already have those." complaints.

ColeMacGrath1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

That would require them to pay devs more for offering more games, and Sony is currently financially struggling, so more games per month than the average amount would be more troubling for them, but its a neat idea nonetheless.

kurruptor1538d ago

We don't know that for sure. If they pay the devs by the download, then it wouldn't be more really. It could be less.

Right now we download up to like 6 games a month.

If they offered 12, but we only got to choose 3... I don't see why it would cost them more.

ColeMacGrath1538d ago

They pay devs for just adding their games into the monthly offerings. So it's certainly going to cost them more.

user55757081538d ago

they need to stop offering indie games every month on ps4 and give us killzone or infamous second sun. nothing against indies but its like come on

darthv721538d ago

I'd like to see them include movies and/or tv shows as part of the monthly freebies for members.

Jaqen_Hghar1538d ago

that's kinda tricky given just how many are available. Also you really open yourself up to accusations of taking the focus off games especially if they start replacing a game a month with a movie or two. A man would rather they not venture into that territory. Besides there's plenty of subscription services for movies and not really any except Gamefly and PS+ for games.

Majin-vegeta1538d ago

Oh so you want more items??All right then pony up some more money for the PS+ subscription

Muzikguy1538d ago

I want a beefier network. I'm not going to care if I don't get free games, because the money used in that could add servers and SPEED! I see lots of people wanting more and more "free" games. IMO that's getting a bit out of hand. Just go buy some, support the developers. I always end up with more games than time to play so I'd just rather they beef up the network.

Now will I complain about a free game? No, of course not.

SolidDuck1538d ago

Taking what kurruptor and darth said. What if u had 2 games and 2 movies u could choose from. U pick any combination of 2. They would prob be Sony picture studios movies, but still would be an interesting idea. I'm not bashing them, but just in my opinion. Im not into the 2d indie games at all. I've never downloaded one, and I never plan to. There just not fun games to me, so any other option would be a welcome one.

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