PlayStation Experience: 20 Panels Confirmed

Naughty Dog, Santa Monica Studio, Telltale Games, Blizzard, Ubisoft Montreal and more are bringing their top developers to Las Vegas this December 6th & 7th

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Kid-Prodigy-KP1533d ago

Watching every single one of them.

Mr_cheese1533d ago

Wish I could be there. This event seems huge and very well thought through.

Kid-Prodigy-KP1533d ago

They must have put a lot of planning in it for months so I'm not shock it looks so well organized.

scark921533d ago

Roll on November! Need to see what this experience will bring!

Eonjay1533d ago

Every convention has panels. Its where you sit in a room and listen to people in whatever industry discuss a given topic. There may be panels where voice actors discuss playing a certain role. Or where a developer takes about working on a certain project. At conventions like COmic Con, you get panels where cast member reunite....

Pogmathoin1533d ago

Playstation Experience.... Who coined that, Don Mattrick? But now 'experience' is cool I guess....

Mechanism1533d ago

Bahaha.. The desperation, you ok there? Could have come with something a little better than that, surely?

Don't be scared bubba.

IIFloodyII1533d ago

Is this just going to be a one of event, or a yearly thing?
Sounds like a big deal, with a lot of people on board.

shodai1532d ago

I dont think its yearly, its to comemorate and celebrate their 20th year for playstation I think. This came just in the nick of time for the PS4, and I could not be any happier.

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The story is too old to be commented.