The Witcher Will Give You A Free Haircut!

CD Projekt Red has announced that they’ll be rolling out a whopping 16 pieces of downloadable content to go along with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The groans are audible, but here’s the kicker… they’re all free! This craaaazy concept of free DLC is a new and welcome change if you ask me (and just about anyone else).

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ThunderPulse1536d ago


Roccetarius1536d ago

Free used to be the norm, but then Bethesda and others changed things. It's pretty funny, because one of the first free things is free horse armour.

SolidGear31535d ago

Bethesda is the one company that actually makes worthwhile DLC though :3

MasterD9191535d ago

Free DLC is the way DLC should have been. GTA V actually has proven how a successful game can still get away without having to charge gamers an arm and a leg for extra content.