The Crew closed beta impressions: do racing games really need storylines?

Geeks Don't Lie gives their opinion on The Crew closed beta, as well as raising the question as to whether racing games really need storylines.

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smolinsk1536d ago

No story line for racing games, it just make you what to be able to get out of the car and walk around.

1536d ago
uth111536d ago

I really don't know what to expect from this game. Some people give positive feedback, while others say it's horrible.

mdfk791535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

been playing it a wee bit, handling sucked at first but found a thread online to make it really good by tweaking the steering settings, the map is pretty big and took 40 - 45mins to get from miami airport on the bottom right to seattle top left going as fast as possible and following the coast more or less, havent been into the centre of the map yet lol the few challenges i have tried are slalom, jump and speed. The graphics arent amazing but that initial reaction disappears the more you play, have a street car and did a mission in a raid car which involved ramming and a dirt car which was a race, have only done a few of the story missions though as i am going to buy it anyway so don't want to play too much then have to repeat a bunch of stuff.