GTA: San Andreas updated on Steam, unconfirmed reports that audio tracks have been removed

An update to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has just taken place on Steam, totaling around 500MB in size. There are unconfirmed reports that audio tracks have been removed due to licensing issues.

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ThatEnglishDude1536d ago

How does a patch that removes things from the game weigh up to a 500mb download?

Forceh911536d ago

From what I've seen they've changed more than that, such as adding tracks to replace what was removed and that the audio has been completely re-done.

Redempteur1535d ago

Well they broke the 1080p mode , so ....

scark921536d ago

Is there achievements?

NotAfanBoyy1535d ago

wtf all the good tracks removed!

Halo2ODST21535d ago

GTA SA had the best soundTrack, damn wtf are they doing

traumadisaster1535d ago

To bad auto update was selected. Mine was downloading last night and I didn't know Rockstar was stealing from me.

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