Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare double XP weekend now live

GearNuke: "Sledgehammer Games are such nice folks, after giving us Double XP on Day Zero and then later extending it to Day One, they're gonna turn it on for this weekend as well."

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Bubiii1532d ago

AW is surprisingly great. Enjoying it big time. Well done Sladgehammer!

Crazyglues1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Yeah I'm having a blast on it, huge surprise...

The online servers for Multi-player could be better, wish they did what Titanfall did and use those Microsoft Dedicated servers..

-But other then that really enjoying the game, the exo survival is a blast, love zombies too..

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Immorals1532d ago

Just finished the single player. Good, solid playthrough. The multiplayer is disgraceful, not tried survival!

Iamnemesis48801532d ago

Having a blast yes the game has been let down a little bit by lag comp but still this game is fun well done slegehammer now it is activison turn to make it better with an upgrade of there COD servers

blackout1532d ago

People loving the Titianfall clone i see. It's going to be crazy when we look at Titianfall 2 sales.

Draven12341532d ago

Just wish it wasn't so darn hard to unlock certain stuff, especially camos. How in the world is someone suppose to get 500 head shots with a weapon with everybody constantly jumping around? Getting Royalty Camo is gonna be a grind that most people, like me, aren't gonna face. The only people that'll have it will be hackers and boosters, and the occasional grinder.