8 Reasons Why Dragon Age 2 is Way Better Than You Remember

Twinfinite says: "As Dragon Age Inquisition's release date approaches, there's no better time to go back to Dragon Age 2 and remember how good it was."

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MikeEaton1536d ago

I picked it up super cheap on Origin a long time ago. Maybe now's the time to give it a try...

Glgh1536d ago

It does have a few flaws but all in all it's a great RPG game worthy of the Bioware legacy.

camel_toad1536d ago

Yeh the game got a lot of grief and some of it was deserved (like for the repeating dungeons) but overall I still had a lot of fun with it.

Mr Pumblechook1536d ago

You have to click through NINE pages to read article! No thank-you.

Bobby Kotex1536d ago

Your statement is an insult to RPGs that are actually great.

aLiEnViSiToR1535d ago

1st DA:Origins was a Great RPG with amazing story and few flaws of course.
2nd DA2 was a good RPG with some experimental gameplay attempts and somewhat less important story then Origins, sadly.
3rd DA:I will be best RPG in the series or just another good Dragon Age game ?!

I for one hope to be the best DA game yet and would like if they add DAKeep as offline ingame feature.

ps: and get rid of Origin also !

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gangsta_red1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

"8 Reasons Why Dragon Age 2 is Way Better Than You Remember..."

Uuuh no, I remember going through the same dungeon infinite number of times with just some sections blocked off. I went through the same dungeon so many times that I knew where to go to find certain hidden treasure chests.

The story didn't kick in until the last chapter of the game. Seriously, I didn't know who the main bad guy was until the end, I think she didn't even show up until the end. The whole story was just tension between mages and knights, but nothing else but guild type of jobs to build up my family name, like some GTA type story.

Plus you couldn't change your characters armor? Really, an RPG where you couldn't change the outfits of your teammates? GTFO!

One map, same locations, over and over again.

The only thing decent was the fighting system. But other than that the game was just flights of stairs going down from what the original was.

annoyedgamer1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

I am seriously beginning EA is handing out checks for these "journalism" pieces. And judging by the stuff they have posted in the past I would not be surprised.

Glgh1534d ago

"I didn't know who the main bad guy was until the end, I think she didn't even show up until the end."

Dude, did you even play the game? Did you read any dialogue at all? I mean no trolling but she was there all along since the main story began to unfold.

CorndogBurglar1536d ago

I don't know. Maybe its not as bad as I remember it, but thats not saying much, as I remember it being REALLY bad.

ScubbaSteve1536d ago

DA2 pretty much neutered any hope I have for DA3. There is absolutely no way I'd per-order it after playing 2. And there needs to be an overwhelming consensus two weeks after the release stating that "hey it's not bad" for me to even consider looking at it.

Frankly speaking I'd be more interested in a DA game that just threw out everything that was in 2 because there was nothing in there that I want to remember or build upon in a new game.

SolidGear31535d ago

I just want more of 2 .. Origins was laughable at best.

Littlewashu51536d ago

Playing Dragon Age 2 was worse than that time I spent stuck in a shit-filled bath tub located in the bowels of a Nazi sex dungeon.

And even worse, it didn't inspire me to become a shit-posting hipster with two-percent body fat to avoid being stuck in a shit-filled bath tub located in the bowels on a Nazi sex dungeon

Logical Conclusion: BIOWARE ARE WORSE THAN NAZIS!!!!

ScubbaSteve1536d ago

Because nazi's don't force you to romance the turds in the bath tub.

alstruck1536d ago

The last time I played it again, I still got bored in act 2. I dunno why. Maybe because it's the same city, dungeon and maps all over again. Maybe the story is so slow. Maybe the characters are all annoying and emo. Maybe there is something about the battle system or the skill tree. I don't remember well, and what I remember was that I didn't like the game very much.

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