Next Mass Effect: BioWare Explains Focus on New Generation Platforms, Gives Lots of New Info on Game

During the N7 Day developer roundtable livestream BioWare gave a bird-eye view on the upcoming Mass Effect game, not only showing some amazing pieces of concept art, but also explaining the concepts behind the game and giving many pieces of information about the philosophy driving development and the focus on the new generation of platforms.

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Agent20091534d ago

A strong emphasis on building believable cultures + exploration as a primary focus of the gameplay = me like dis.

averagejoe261534d ago

I can't believe people still get so hyped over games so early.

Concept art always looks cool. Says nothing about the actual game.

Gigglefist1534d ago

'The protagonist of the game is someone who is “becoming an hero".'

> An hero

Iamnemesis48801534d ago

As long as when the choices you make in the next 3 games dont turn out to be worthless in the last game of that series.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1534d ago

I always hated this criticism of the trilogy. The choices you make in the trilogy did have consequences for YOUR personal story and it was supposed to be emotional for YOU. Just because it didn't fundimentally change the story by the end it still created an epic and emotional journey for your Shepard and crew. You got to make emotionally charged decisions that effect you personally. That is what I feel the point of the game was.

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