Are we being ripped off by Playstation Plus?

1MG explores both sides of the debate on whether or not PS+ is really worth it, nice and quick 60 second videos.

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Briongloid1534d ago

Nice article & vid, I was thinking for a while that I'm getting kinda sick of games I have already bought popping up for free, but I forgot about all the other stuff that comes with PS+, it spans 3 consoles.

darthv721534d ago

I like it. At first it was more of a discount service but the addition of the give away games just added more value to the service.

What is surprising is how Sony has not given away movie rentals or TV episodes as part of the + service. Making a semi new release available for free now and then can be just as enticing to get as a game.

something Sony should think about.

Kingthrash3601534d ago

Ps+ giving that powers show away free for plus members....i believe.

I'm sure they will continue to expand the service

If u was them I'd make a PS+ app similar to psnow and use TV shows and movies to sell TVs phones and laptops more. A sub to plus gets you free movies with just a TV or ps4 it PS+NOW and that would help them sell almost ALL Sony products with a simple subscription.

AliTheSnake11534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

The thing is, for PS4 players, PSN+ is required for online play. So even if they didn't offer free games, most of ps4 players will still be subscribed to it anyways.

kreate1534d ago

Yea i know on the 360's lifespan for the time ive used it, i watched a lot of free movies on the house in thanks to Microsoft.

But they stopped doing that after games for gold launched.

kurruptor1534d ago

How are they supposed to avoid giving games away that you maybe already bought?

freshslicepizza1534d ago

giving away newer games or new games like resogun.

joab7771534d ago

Considering that the initial pay for service on Xbox live gave u nothing but the right to play online, it's pretty good.

CaptainObvious8781534d ago


If PSN Plus is a rip off then what does that make XBL?

truewittness1534d ago

...uh, the best servers for consoles.

sinspirit1533d ago


Really? Since when? Live has had more reports of hacking than Sony. Sony only had one big mishap that they said encrypted information MIGHT have been compromised and they completely re-coded their online systems. And, as for online gaming itself.. Live was making you pay for you and other players to host your games. They didn't even have servers for your online gaming for just about every game. So, what servers? Sony had several games with dedicated servers for almost no lag, unless your own connection was bad, allowing no host advantages and just a smoother and accurate online experience. Live, even on its biggest games, had hosts for their online, the hosts almost always had advantages, and if the host connection is bad everyone suffers, and if only your connection is bad you still suffer. Dedicated servers were easier on those with worse connections.

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frezhblunts1533d ago

Well atleast it is getting better. So far on my ps4 there hasn't been one free game I got I would have brought on my own. I am not a huge fan of the indies, i try every game that comes for free but its just boring. Next month though i hear they will the the injustice game and that would be a fun fighting to play and well worth the ps plus.

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Sly-Lupin1534d ago

If you're paying for online play, you're being ripped off--whether you care to acknowledge it or not.

And for good measure, I probably ought to inform you that your ISP is also very likely ripping you off as well.

pics4jam1534d ago

Gotta say that I am dissapointed some moths, but overall its a pretty sweet deal, plus Shareplay is incredible.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Ps plus is an amazing value, especially for people who have more than one PlayStation platform.

CaptainObvious8781534d ago

I have a PS4, PS3 and a vita.

For me PSN Plus is incredible value. I can't keep up.

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