Best of the Pre-Order Bonuses for November

November should be know as broke-vember since there are so many great games coming out. Gamers are going to have to choose where and what they spend their money on this month. The Gamer’s Lounge has looked at the pre-order bonuses for several AAA games coming out this month and its going to come down to gamers’ preferences for DLC and choice of retailer.

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Mister_Audrey1531d ago

Only a dupe pre-orders games.

Enjoy buying games on the good word of the marketing department.

mikeslemonade1531d ago

Ooo yea Smash deal on Dell with $25 gift card and then I stacked it with a previous $25 gift card

marloc_x1531d ago

Based on the good word of the marketing department, this dupe has pre-ordered Smash..