Far Cry 4 - Season Pass Teaser

Season Pass Teaser of Far Cry 4.

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Marcello1530d ago

lol but looked to be more reminiscent of the Dyatlov Pass incident.

Hitman07691530d ago

because why pay 60 for a game when you can pay 110

nucky641530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

is the season pass 50 dollars!!!????.....if so, I pass on the season pass.
edit - found it's 30 for the pass.....i'll have to look at the content but it's certainly better than 50.

Overwhelming1530d ago

Wow, the trailer makes us wonder how's the yeti, except for the final part where it shows the season pass cover.

DaleCooper1530d ago

LOL Yeah, why make it a complete mystery about what the Yeti looks like in the trailer if you're just going to show him right there on the cover at the end?

annoyedgamer1530d ago

Because the developers put no effort into it, this is a mission clearly made for DLC.

Tool1530d ago

Have we gotten to that point where DLC is out of control? Yeah, I think we have. This is ridiculous. Advertising DLC before the game even comes out.. What a bold and dickhead move..

fallacious1530d ago

LOL! No thanks ubisoft. You can shove your DLC up an elephant.

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