Advanced Warfare Scores: Biggest Surprise of 2014?

With a new developer, a declining franchise, and sky-high expectations in a new generation, are these Call of Duty review scores shocking?

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TheJacksonRGN1538d ago

No it is not the biggest surprise of 2014 imo. It also seems that games like Middle-earth: SoM and Bayonetta 2 were much bigger surprises for many players.

I could be wrong as I'm not on every site/forum but those two seem like the biggest surprises.

Palitera1538d ago

They are. If anything, the biggest surprise AW brought is being another clone of itself after fooling so many naive gamers... Again.

"But the game has exos". And that's it.

"Why don't you play the game before criticizing?" Already sold mine.

Ricegum1538d ago

No, completely disagree. Advanced Warfare is a really decent game, it doesn't just have exos lol, the pick 13 system, the mp maps, the speed of it all, balanced guns, campaign, etc. Sledgehammer did a very good job I must say because I was very skeptical after Ghosts.

venom061537d ago

This is SOOOO true.. Sadly, CoD fanboys are too blinded by the fact that they have something "different", but actually isn't "new" in the form of DBL jumps... This is basically BO 2 with DBL jumps, but at least BO2 didn't have AW crappy connections and large number of roof campers..

CoTton_MoUtH1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

Woo,Woo,Woo!!! Your giving AW to much credit balanced weapons yea OK.!!!(*Sarcasm*)

Ghost was developed by Infinity Ward

Gore-Content1538d ago

Oh **** no! It has the same terrible spawns as Ghosts.

deadpools_n641538d ago

I'm not gonna bash the game cause I am grateful for the work they did to Mae it feel new
Unfortunately I have played Titan all and I think that ruined the "newness" for me a lil
Also even thou its a great game for what I expected there's no real originality in the play mechanics or in the game itself when compared to say bayonetta or SSB on 3ds or the dead space games.
I dunno I think originality isn't possible anymore in todays gaming landscape when unless we get those lil rays of sunshine like LBP or left 4 dead or sonic 3D. Maybe I'm babbling cause I'm a lil drunk. Its OK thou cause I'm awesome

deadpools_n641538d ago

Also my daughter broke my 007 cartridge so I'm bored for the moment
but yea I think COD:AW is a decently great FPS.
Still love borderlands more thou
And red dead
And dead space
And RE:4
But naw its not terrible. Nothing could beat out superman64 (granted ghost did come close at moments)

zsquaresoff1538d ago

Whats surprise?

Everybody knew that it will get a good score. Not because its a good game (which it is) but previous Cod game have been mediocre, yet they have received great numbers.

Biggest surprise has to go to Shadow of Mordor. Totally unexpected and well deserved.

TheSaint1538d ago

Not really, new gen CoD is historically good, for the first time or two.

Then it'll be the same game over and over and over and......

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