Fist of Jesus Review – Am I Going To Hell For This? | GIZORAMA

John Wyma, GIZORAMA - "About a week ago, I was instructed by the Suits in corporate to brush up on my theology and review a new arcade style beat-em-up going by the name, Fist of Jesus. Since I had my plate full with the whole drawing pentagrams on the carpet deal of my last review, I hadn’t had a chance to sit down and actually play, so when I finally got that friendly little nudge from my editor, I decided I had to buckle down, find a crucifix, and load up Steam. While I’m not big on the whole “religion” thing, I nonetheless had a cross to bear (yeah, just be happy I didn’t do the review in the style of a hymn), and I’d be damned if the world went without my review for another day. So say your prayers and join me as we review the holiest game on the market, Fist of Jesus."

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DiscoKid1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

You won't go to hell for parodying the false Cesare Borgia image of Christ. lol