The Last of Us Remastered digital price dropped even further with deal

Game Deal Daily has dropped the price even further (now $26.49) of the digital release for The Last of Us Remastered.

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Funky Town_TX1531d ago

MOFO should have been cheaper than $50 from the jump. A one year old remaster is a cash grab.

JimmyDM901531d ago

One of the best 50$ I've ever spent.

averagejoe261531d ago

This site is very shady. Just check out the reviews for it. DO NOT BUY FROM GAMES DEAL DAILY.

Ordered a year with of PS plus. They sent me a bunch of free trial cards equaling a year. They've also sent my friend digital download codes for games that were expired then refused to answer emails when he tried to get his money back.

Stay away.

SmielmaN1531d ago

Wow, tell the admins here so they don't approve any articles linked to them. That sounds like horsesh!t

lolosgolos1531d ago

By now anyone who has a PlayStation has this game