Next Mass Effect will include new species and alien races, focus on 'next-gen' and PC

The next Mass Effect game will introduce new alien races and species for players to encounter, BioWare announced during a Mass Effect N7 Roundtable.

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KrisButtar1532d ago

Focused on next gen? Stupid Polygon, you mean current gen or its to be a long wait.

Either way, I'm interested in what they having brewing

jhoward5851532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

I have never got in to any of the mass series...

I hope they make a mass effect collection.

SolidGear31531d ago

Yeah,they're asking fans what they want in a current gen trilogy collection for feedback.

Snookies121531d ago

Ah, beat me to it... Was going to say the same thing. Didn't know they were waiting on the PS5/X2. :p

Can't wait to see how the new Mass Effect will look though. I'm sure it'll be visually stunning.

HeavenlySnipes1531d ago

Unless they've edited their article this is what was written

"Senior development director Chris Wynn said the goal is "not to build Mass Effect 4." According to the developers, the next Mass Effect will focus on "next-gen systems," also known as the current generation that includes Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and PC."

The next gen comment was a direct quote from Bioware and they mentioned that he probably meant current gen right after

goldwyncq1531d ago

Next gen? So for the PS5 and next Xbox then?

guyman1531d ago

Unfortunately so, it's a shame really. I was hoping to play it this generation;)

Paprika1531d ago

Another polygong! Lol

Still, new mass effect for the current gen.... can't wait. With the working formula from past gen, and hopefully learning from their mistakes.... this could be special! It'd have to be, with CD projekt red's cyberpunk looming :)

tigertron1531d ago

Next-gen, eh? So are we looking at a 2020 release date or something?

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