Call of Duty Advance Warfare First Impression - Simply Awesome

Cinelinx - "Call of Duty Advanced Warfare takes a new creative approach to the classic game. Not only do we jump into the future, we get some new gameplay perks that totally rock! Does the game blend the future and the new gameplay together well? Or does it fall short? Come and see our early first impressions, then stick around to see our review!"

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Stiffler1530d ago

Are you guys who bought this enjoying it? Genuine question, I couldn't pull myself into getting COD this year round but I love the campaigns and always have.

Vegamyster1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

If you want a faster version of CoD then you'll enjoy it, Campaign is pretty solid but it might be better to wait a little until they fix the random lag/rubber banding in MP.

Stiffler1530d ago

Ah okay thanks dude! I hope the lag is sorted out for yall soon. We all know how bloody terrible the lag and disconnects were in BF4 launch.

Clown_Syndr0me1530d ago

Yeah except for the occasional lag online. Havent played CoD for a while, and dont have much time now, but I like having short sessions.

Farsendor11530d ago

I haven't played a COD mp since Black Ops and i'm enjoying Advanced Warfare for me it is up there with COD MW 1.

urwifeminder1530d ago

Was playing Sunset and got a message from a friend playing this asking me why I am playing a repetitive game lmao.

urwifeminder1529d ago

Thanks I am glad you enjoyed it brah.

ImHyjack1529d ago

I hate it I'm 37 I play with 5 guys that are all over 34 and we all hate it. The lag the poor hit detection all the jumping it's not the rebirth of Cod 4 it's a completely different game I actually feel they could of made a new IP out of this game because it's not COD they just used the name to sell it