Humble Store Celebrates Anniversary With Free Metro 2033

Hardcore Gamer: The Humble Store has turned 1, and it’s become such a big boy this year. It’s been a haven for savings and enabled a lot of gamers to donate money to charity and enjoy their favorite hobby at the same time.

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ninavoljic1535d ago

Under rated indie game now for free. Thanks Humble.

scark921535d ago

Good one.

OT: Sucks when a game you own becomes free :(

annoyedgamer1535d ago

Not an indie, its underrated by a mile though, it remains one of my favorite single player FPS experiences ever.

Father__Merrin1535d ago

this isn't the redux version it's the standard, it's a good give away can't wait to play it again,

ThunderPulse1535d ago

Wow I got Metro 2033 for free.....AWESOME!

Skate-AK1535d ago

Hopefully you have a beefy PC. The game is a resource hog.