DUST 514: Exclusive interview with developers CCP Rouge and CCP Rattati

PSU talks to CCP about the future for DUST 514

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banditscout1530d ago

Are people still playing this? I played in the beta, and never went back to it. The game had some really interesting and ambitious ideas, but fell completely off of my radar. What's the scoop??

Jubez1871529d ago

Lots of signs of f2p and rookie devs was at hand here. To invite someone to a game, or send a message, you had to go through about 5 different screens with about 15 different button clicks. Laggy menus, the game ran at sub-30 framerate, sound glitches, everything. The core concept and gameplay was very good and unique, but just the presentation was horrific.

spence524901530d ago

I think the Jump to current gen be a good idea for these guys.

ITPython1530d ago

Yeah, this game needs to move to next gen already. I played the heck out of this game in it's beta and after beta, but I never looked back once I got my PS4. I haven't played it in ages and no doubt it has changed a LOT (hopefully for the better). But CCP really needs to move on and get with the program.