Dev: "1080p/60 FPS Is A Genuine Debate When Buying A New PS4 or XOne, Doesn't Make Sense To Studios"

According to Alessandro Martinello, Resoltion and Frame-rate debate is genuine when deciding on buying a new PS4 or Xbox One but doesn’t make sense when it’s a choice of a studio for its game

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no_more_heroes1530d ago

I agree with the thinking, but 720p is pushing it a little. Both machines are stronger than that.

randomass1711530d ago

I wouldn't mind it as much if 60fps was an industry standard. Higher framerate actually makes the game play smoother so I feel that that is more important than higher resolution.

Agent20091530d ago

"Higher framerate actually makes the game play smoother"

No sh*t, dude. And here I was, thinking that 60 FPS was slower than 30 FPS.

Forn1530d ago

I played Driveclub and it was just as smooth as any racing game I've ever played, so...

AutoCad1530d ago

Driveclub is an arcade racer bro..

avengers19781530d ago

Actually steady frame rate matters the most, games can be very smooth at 30 FPS if it stays consistent with no drops. 60 fps is great for shooters, and sports games.

I agree though FPS>resolution

mochachino1530d ago

60 FPS makes games look clearer in motion too.

A 900p 60FPS game will look clearer anytime the camera is moving (which is all the time) than a 1080p 30FPS game. 30 FPS blurs in motion regardless of the resolution.

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Clunkyd1530d ago

Why can't it be like 45 fps instead, why does it have to be 60Fps?

d3nworth11530d ago

That is very good question. I always wondered that myself.

Forn1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

Some games run unlocked at 30+fps, with averages in the 40's range. I believe a consistent framerate is much better though, so I don't mind a LOCKED 30fps.

starchild1529d ago

Because that would produce judder since 45fps doesn't divide evenly into the 60Hz refresh rate of most displays. This means that the frame intervals would be irregular, i.e. some would be longer than others. This is what causes judder.

mochachino1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Agreed, I think high 40s and above looks pretty smooth and eliminates most of the blur associated with 30 FPS.

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iNFAMOUZ11530d ago

i prefer 30fps.
1080p is what the industry standard should be, fps second, i want to see my details and see it with pace, not babble my gun around like if im on some drug

Volkama1530d ago

But pace and motion are where 60fps makes the most difference visually. Why would a better frame rate make you "babble your gun around"?

mochachino1530d ago

According the the author, "These things (especially Resolution and FPS debate) didn't event exist during PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 days."

Such a statement is completely false. Resolution differences and framerate were a major point of discussion last gen and there are numerous comparison vids and thousands of comments to prove it. I can't count the number of N4G articles that made the "Hottest News" section that were PS3/360 comparisons.

And the resolution differences last gen were smaller than they are (in some games) this gen.

AutoCad1530d ago

Even then it didnt stop sales of the PS3..Reason ps3 overcame the gap was because of its exclusive games..

Kinda ironic position we are right now...

Jaqen_Hghar1530d ago

A man thinks you need to look up the word irony or look at sales or look at the games available for each console or all of the above

user56695101530d ago

i dont remember that. i remember people use to point out difference in gfx effects not res and fps. people made noise with noticable frame rate issues and blurry versions. In the beginning there was noise about fps and res yeah, but soon as people seen that the consoles couldnt live up to the hype ms and sony said with the 1080p bs and barely 720p, people shift focus on other things. same thing this gen.

n4rc1530d ago

I disagree..

Nobody outside of PC gamers even knew what native resolution meant.. And they had no idea ps3 didn't scale images and the 360 did..

And when I say nobody.. I mean the general gamer that makes up the vast majority, some always knew about it..

Its become a marketing issue this gen.. And with any marketing point, its importance and relevance are completely overblown

ColeMacGrath1530d ago

That still doesn't change the fact that there were graphical comparisons between the last gen consoles.

gangsta_red1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

As a studio, they have to think what is best for their game. Go for 1080p while sacrificing other elements of a game like content, AI, effects and other aspects that go into design and production or make the game they way they envisioned it with all the bells and whistles a design team had in mind with the possibility of the game not being in 1080p but having full content at running at a higher framerate.

It's a shame that some here can't think like this as every time a 3rd party developer releases a game not to some over blown sense of expectation it is automatically blamed on "parity".

"Dude how on earth is paying just to access online play(MS last gen) is the same as paying for PS Plus this gen?"

Because...they're... both...*drums*...MANDATORY!!!

andrewer1530d ago

At the point I started seeing comments like "Not [email protected] [or something close], pre-order canceled [or 'not buying']" I started caring about graphics discussions, because they became just an excuse for whiny people.

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