BBC reveal plans to bring Doctor Who to the Xbox One and PS4

THE BBC have revealed plans are afoot to bring a new generation of games to the Xbox One and PS4 next year.

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-Foxtrot1533d ago

The only way this is going to work is if they give it to an amazing studio, I wouldn't mind NaughtyDog with how well they make story based games and let the studio tell there own story instead of trying to write it alongside the series

There is a few ways they can do this

1) They can tell a new story completely. Play as the Doctor where he just steals the TARDIS. No Barbara, just him telling a similar but totally different story.

2) Have it where William Hartnell version of the Doctor regenerates, but instead of regenerating into Patrick Troughton he regnerates into someone completely different telling new stories.

3) A game where you play as Paul Mcgann and continue to do so ignoring all the "War Doctor" stuff. I'm sure Paul would be up for it.


4) Start at the end of Paul Mcganns regeneration and (remember no War Doctor in this one) instead of Christopher Eccleston you have a new Doctor. It would be like a reboot of the old series but instead of the new series to TV it would be for video games.

Honestly this all depends with how much freedom you want from the cannon stories. You would want some freedom, not end up causing plot holes which most episodes try so hard not to do these days.

Godmars2901533d ago

Never happen. Simply because is only considering the current Doctor. Are only considering the "wider" audience which only has an attention span large enough to accommodate one doctor at a time.

-Foxtrot1533d ago

Then it will all Doctor Who games who have tried to link it in with the show and current stories.

gangsta_red1533d ago

Naughty Dog?? Really?!

I would go with Telltale since they have already proven they can take an existing show or IP and make a fantastic game based on it, true to it's theme, atmosphere and dialogue.

-Foxtrot1533d ago

All TellTale can do is point and click the time they are into Game of Thrones it will already start to get boring and bland....actually it's starting to get bland now. If it wasn't for the franchises they use they wouldn't get the scores they do.

If people want a DW game then they want one where they have full control....not just point and clicking there way through the game.

SaveFerris1533d ago

Maybe they could allow the player to choose what The Doctor looks like? Character creation screen? Have a totally original story like the radio plays, books etc.

Well, either that or have Tom Baker with Leela, Sarah-jane Smith or Romana (sadly not possible), or David Tennant and Billie Piper?

Immorals1533d ago

Actress that played Sarah Jane died sadly:(. I'd like to play the war doctors life before the day of the doctor

Iltapalanyymi1533d ago

really hyped for this
i love doctor who!

pompombrum1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Well I'd be excited to see a Dr Who game, the development better not come out of my TV License fee though.

Pogmathoin1533d ago

Maybe the Doctor can go back in time and reset N4G..... Tennant and Smith where the best of this gens Doctors, but so much can be used going back to the originals.....

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