Console Performance, PR Spin, and Gamers Are Why Titles Fail to Meet Expectations

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are THE most powerful video game consoles ever released. In terms of horsepower, they blow their previous iterations (the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 respectively) out of the proverbial water. However, despite these machines being so advanced, they aren’t exactly giving gamers the types of experiences that they want. Just look at the comments section of any random video game site. Gamer dissatisfaction is at an all-time high. Many are flat-out unhappy with the current-gen systems for not delivering what they had hoped for and they’re being extremely vocal about it.

How did this happen? If the PS4 and XBO are undeniably more powerful than the previous-gen systems, why isn’t everyone pleased? This editorial will help break down exactly why games these days are failing to meet expectations. There are several reasons why.

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SwiffEpics1535d ago

this is a good look at some of the reasons why some games aren't reaching their potential. However, as things progress with this new generation I'm sure the quality of games will get better across all platforms.

HisRoyalFlyness1535d ago

Finally someone has the balls to say these things.
The Koalition has been pumping out great work lately, keep it up people.

P.S. Don't end up like Rev3 please

garrettglass1535d ago

I try to keep my expectations low while looking for common buzzwords in promotional materials.

rbailey1535d ago

I'm personally enjoying all that both consoles have to offer. I also have realistic expectations and don't buy into the hype that these PR companies are putting out there.

mysteryraz111535d ago

another stupid article, first a 5 year old pc isnt doing 4k unless its ridicuously expensive, when it takes sli high end gpus to hit 4k thats not something a console developer should be aiming for this generation, ps4 is hitting 1080p in pretty much nearly every game,pc gamers have ridiculous expectations, they want these consoles to be cheap yet do 4k or 3k at 400 dollar and below prices, I dont want to have to buy a 800 or 600 dollar console, I am enjoying my ps4,xbox360 and ps3 I have, heck I might even get a wiiu and its as weak as can be, I dont really see the point in 4k now if there is no content that supports it and requires me to buy a monitor or tv that costs more then the console bye itself

tee_bag2421535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

The article is stating the fact that both consoles are struggling reaching 1080p @ 60fps. This was a standard we were promised late last gen pre PS4/X1's weak sauce we're not there yet so stop sympathizing because you have low standards. Nice straw man argument about 4k though.