Grand Theft Auto V will not use Denuvo DRM, says company co-owner

IncGamers has received a statement from Denuvo co-founder Robert Hernandez, denying that Grand Theft Auto V will make any use of his company’s DRM system.

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ATi_Elite1536d ago

They better use something because the hackers are coming for it like sharks coming for a stuck bleeding pig in the ocean.

Gtav is the Super Bowl for hackers and anything less than an armed guard standing next to everyone's Pc making sure they don't pirate gtav isn't gonna stop these guys from hacking it to death.

SteamPowered1536d ago

I will gladly lay down cash for this one. Been a while since I sailed the high seas, but Rockstar deserves my money. Again.

Eamon1536d ago

wtf are you talking about?

Every single pc game has been cracked since the beginning of time. GTA5 will be no exception. The DRM companies are actually scamming developers. Every new PC game is torrentable within days after release.

mkis0071536d ago

Supposedly Lords of the fallen hasn't been cracked yet.

Eamon1535d ago

Just did a quick search. It has been cracked since last week.

xPhearR3dx1535d ago


Lords of The Fallen nor FIFA 15 have been cracked yet. They will be in time, but whatever search you did provided you with false information.

Eamon1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

Oh wait, you're actually correct. There was a crack that wasn't working.

I take back what I said. Apparently this new DRM might be a game-changer that hasn't been seen in like a decade.

SPAM-FRITTER-1231535d ago

Fifa 15 is still not cracked.

freshslicepizza1535d ago

diablo iii is another one that doesn't work properly

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endi1231535d ago

Can't wait to crack open the game :P

anwe1535d ago

I'll wait and see before I take a chance on throwing my money away. Wouldn't be the first time devs, publishers, drm companies, etc have lied to gamers.

Stapleface1535d ago

They never said they were. They said they were using a new DRM form. They mentioned that a few people that worked on Denuvo DRM were on the team that created whatever they are using for GTA5. So he's not telling a lie, but there will still be some form of DRM to prohibit piracy obviously.