Beautiful Next Mass Effect Concept Art Shown, showcasing Mako, New Alien Species Architecture & More

During the N7 livestream Bioware just showcased a new piece of concept art of the next Mass Effect, that still doesn't have a final name.

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Saithraphim3007d ago

Amazing work. This game is my most highly anticipated game for next year.

BlackPhillip6663007d ago

Hope it does not make next year i don`t want it to be rushed

ajax173007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

Next gen citadel while using a VR headset... omg. I can't even imagine

guitarded773007d ago

As much as I love Mass Effect, the art work does nothing to get me excited. They all look like locations we've seen. I'd like to see more exotic planets, and bigger... more open level design.

gangsta_red3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

I am super hyped for the next installment of Mass Effect. I know part 3 was a big disappointment for lot of people including myself but I did truly enjoy the trilogy.

Just the different alien species and the interactions and history between them all alone was very thought out and well done.

I am very curious to see where they go from here now that the relay stations are gone. One question I had (since I never got to see the revamped ending) was, *SPOILER* do all the Aliens that helped Earth in part 3, are they stuck in our solar system now?

DOMination-3007d ago

No because in the extended ending they fixed it so the relays didn't get destroyed. They got fried slightly but "those that survived should have little difficulty in repairing them"

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The story is too old to be commented.