Microsoft Working On 'State of The Art' Tech That Will Change The Way Xbox One Games Are Developed

Although Microsoft have faced a pretty uphill battle against Sony for console dominance, there is no doubt that the Redmond based company is staging some kind of a fightback.

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n4gamingm1535d ago

Tilled resources I believe they said it'll come with dx12 launch.

Outthink_The_Room1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

Actually, there are multiple aspects to Tiled Resources. Apparently, only one of them is attainable with the current API (DX11.2 and DX11.3).

DX12 is different though in regards to optimization and pipelines. DX12 will most likely not have all technology regarding Tiled Resources available next year.

Also, it's going to be a work in progress getting DX12 and Tiled Resources in the hands of Non-First-Party developers. It's easy to hand 343 and Turn 10 early DX12 builds.

But when you have to get every developer, for every engine, fitted with DX12, that thing better be the easiest API to code for.

There are literally dozens of engines that need to be reworked for DX12. If MS doesn't get the technology up and running early, only the very basic functions of DX12 and Tiled Resources will be used. And that would be disastrous for MS and the XB1.

halfblackcanadian1535d ago

If it's DX12 tools though many developer that do PC will be familiar already. Won't be a huge learning curve.

DeadRabbits1535d ago

Whatever happened to the cloud and that hokery pokery? Apparently that was going to be like strapping a V2 rocket to a turtle!

fr0sty1535d ago

People realized it was a bunch of crap, so then they put the DX12 rumors in the air, that it would be the saving grace that would make up for a GPU that is 50-400% weaker depending on the spec you are looking at. Then they were forced to admit Dx12 was mostly a PC thing as far as tech advantages go, so now they're coming back with this to give desperate fanboys something else to cling to and hope for the future where all Xbox One games are on par with PS4 games.

k3rn3ll1535d ago

where exactly did MS say DX12 would be a game saver for X box's gpu. If anything they have said the exact opposite the entire time. Spencer has repeatedly said that most improvements would be for PC. Talk about spreading rumors lol, your the one doing it

Outthink_The_Room1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )


No, it's going to a bigger learning curve. The question was about Tiled Resources, not just DX12.

DX12 will be available through a somewhat similar pipeline, but Tiled Resources is different.

PC's don't have ESRAM the way XB1 does, so how would the same pipeline work for both platforms when the architecture is different?

So again, explain how the learning curve wouldn't be huge for all developers without MS support?

GameNameFame1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

Tiled resources will be on ps4 as well. What is the big deal?

Esram is not as strong as gddr5, too.

And yes. that literally is undisputed fact.

remixx1161535d ago


bro I spit my coffee all over my phone, damn you that was too funny, lol im so immature.

Outthink_The_Room1535d ago


Um, no.

PS4 will not be using Tiled Resources whatsoever. What they might potentially be using is PRT, which is infinitely different.

I'm so glad people who have no clue about technology, talk about technology so factually.

Also, ESRAM is not as strong as GDDR5? In regards to what exactly?

Since you try to come across as this brilliant engineer, explain to all of us in detail, how GDDR5 is "stronger" and how it affects the entire pipeline in a "stronger" way.

....we'll wait.

GameNameFame1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

@Outthink the room

From devs themselves
-"Partially Resident Textures, which is roughly equivalent to tiled streaming using DirectX on the Xbox One."

On the base level, they are the same technology.

-PS4 ICE Team Programmer: ‘Surface Tiling/Detiling On The CPU Is 10-100x Faster Now’

and yes. Esram was a cheaper method compared to GDDR5. Even MS engineers say you will never reach max thru put with esram. You can only sustain 65 percent. While GDDR5 ram can sustain full 100. Not to mention 8 gig of fast ram vs 32 mb of fast ram difference.

Two quotes from devs. There you go. I am glad desperate fans like you believe in delusional fairy tale. Even your own Spencer said it wont do much.

LOL. like your name. You def are out thinking everyone by saying dumbest stuff.

Outthink_The_Room1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )


And yet, you still don't have a clue what you're quoting. The Granite SDK is not Sony's creation, it's a middleware outside of their own API.

Secondly, DX12 Tiled Resources will be using Volume Tiled Resources.

What that basically means, is that it's being designed to work on essentially the z-plane. That means depth of texturing as well.

Which leads to the other facet, that being Display Planes. The 0, 1 and 2 planes would be activated in a way, independently, based on the DX12 version of Tiled Resources.

And again, like I said and I quote myself...

"Actually, there are multiple aspects to Tiled Resources. Apparently, only one of them is attainable with the current API (DX11.2 and DX11.3).

DX12 is different though in regards to optimization and pipelines. DX12 will most likely not have all technology regarding Tiled Resources available next year."

Anything else sweetheart or do you actually want to learn about what you're trying to type about on forums?

UltimateMaster1535d ago

This doesn't change the hardware itself.
It just makes it easier and faster to make games for all platform using this software.

GameNameFame1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

@Out dumb the room

So is unreal engine and whole OpenGL being open and all. It is on PS4. No one said Sony had to make it. LOL. Not to mention their own tiled resource is at works too. Do you think Sony is the only one who can develop code for PS4?

You just proved you are clueless and lacking any form of intelligence. LoL

Two devs one from Sony and one independent from Sony.

And you are quoting your self as a source?

How about a dev who actually works on this?

-"Partially Resident Textures, which is roughly equivalent to tiled streaming using DirectX on the Xbox One."

You do realize same dedicated chip hardware that tiled resource uses is on X1 is on PS4.

Stop being delusional and drinking that desperate secret sauce juice.

ProjectVulcan1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

PS4's architecture ensures whatever Microsoft do inside their SDK, Sony can create something that does the same thing or better on their machine.

Fundamentally and architecturally Sony's GPU hardware is near identical, there is merely more of it in several key aspects...

Arguing about different techniques revolving around Partially resident textures and who has what misses the point that because the GPU hardware is so very very similar.

Previous generation, Xbox 360 undeniably had a more sophisticated and advanced GPU. This meant Xbox 360 could do several special tricks PS3 was simply incapable of or incapable of doing realistically as fast for games, and vice versa. Their hardware was so wildly different.

But this time out, pretty much whatever Microsoft's hardware can do, Sony's can too and probably faster at that.

The differentiators will be what games the machines have, not speculative minute variations in their development tools in a year's time....

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Eonjay1535d ago

No, not Tiled Resources. That is an API feature. This listing seems to be talking about the the actual development environment itself.

It would be like moving from a command line interface to a better Workbench solution (although probably not that extreme). Thats the way I understand this.

SmielmaN1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

Magic beans grown in a mysterious cloud? ;)

Oh, it's a job listing lol. So state of the art tech is DX12. Click bait/flame war inciting article. I still think my magic beans joke is funny tho lol

medman1535d ago

More empty promises that will never bear fruit. And the lemmings continue to cling to hope, never seeing the axe hanging above their necks, ready to take them to the only clouddzzzz they will ever witness. These people need help.

strangeaeon1535d ago

The only lemmings I see are making comments exactly like yours over, and over, and over again.

k3rn3ll1535d ago

Broken promise? They said xbox wouldn't see much improvement at all. So therefore you contradicted your own statement. If they break that promise it would mean a considerable boost to xbox (which I don't see happening). Who's the one that needs help here?

blackout1535d ago

More empty promises. How is that PS4 working out for you( Severs F##KED UP, No games to play). GREATNESS still awaits. But the time Sony is ready to release a game everyone one will be broke. ENJOY

neoandrew1535d ago

Tiled resources are already there, with the dx 11.2 update, there is even the mars demo available on pc, but as off now, not one game is using it.

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TheNew11535d ago

I'm still wondering about the source engine thing they found...what's up with that? And I think when dx12 comes, maybe it's going to be a lot of PC ports that comes over to the Xbox maybe, not remasters but like ported over.

Bodge1535d ago

Hopefully it's the other way around. Plenty of PC games have been ported to the enw consoles. It's time for the opposite to happen.

k3rn3ll1535d ago

Huh? Why would a pc owner want games designed for console ported over rather than the other way around? It's going to hurt the overall product on pc doing it your way. Unless your talking about exclusives. In which case, MS has had 2 of their exclusives ported over in the past 2 months.

Scatpants1535d ago

What, my xbox1? No it stays in the living room.

Menkyo1535d ago ShowReplies(1)
christocolus1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

Sinc Phil became boss it seems MS has been putting a lot more effort into the quality of their exclusives (Forza Horizon2, D4, DC, Fantasia,PSpark, Ori, Halo MCC, Sunset Overdrive etc).

Whatever this tech is ,i sure hope Halo5, TR, Crackdown, Forza6, Scalebound, QB, Gears and upcoming Rare ips get to utilise it.

pheature1535d ago

2 good games in there you mentioned. the rest suck. they are easy and have no good pvp except halo and gears.
the rest are boring even forza failed on the x1 it just sucked ass

guyman1535d ago

Every game he mentioned there is going to be superb. You'll be eating and choking on fat crow soon enough.

OpieWinston1535d ago

They have no good PvP except halo and gears?

Can you PLEASE tell me a franchise from their competitors that's a stronger PvP game?

Mario Kart?
Mario Party?
Super Smash Bros? (Nintendo repeatedly has tried to keep away from EVO)

Franchises that are designed for LAN or friendly matches... With very little regard to balancing in game.

Killzone? (It's a casual Shooter at best)
Uncharted? (Strong SP... Weak PvP)
Gran Turismo? (Strong racing sim franchise)
The Last of Us? (Plays more like a "Stranded Gears PvP Sim")

If you think Ori sucks...
If you think Scalebound is going to suck...
If you think for a SECOND that QUANTUM BREAK is going to suck...

Then you might just be... a salty fanboy.

kurruptor1535d ago

All of those games would have came without Phil.