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In today’s video game market, the highest-selling games are typically military shooters. Ones that require the player to hide behind cover, take pot-shots at enemies with realistically-rendered weaponry, and move along a guided path that hopefully tells a decent story along the way. Sunset Overdrive is not that game, and that’s exactly what Insomniac Games wants you to know. Overdrive starts you off as a janitor for a giant corporation called Fizzco, which just released a new energy drink called “OverCharge Delirium XT”. The company is hosting a youth-filled EDM party in Sunset City, where young adults party and drink the orange caffeinated beverage. It doesn’t take long before everything goes to hell, and those who drank it turn into hideous orange mutants and start to chase you down. EDM music turns into punk rock guitar riffs as you run for your life.

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Littlewashu51533d ago

This game gave me butt cancer because it's on Xbox One

Shower me with me up-votes bitches.....

ColeMacGrath1533d ago

More high-score reviews for SO. Insomniac did a really good job with it, its personally one of the few games that make me want me to buy an X1.

Mister_Audrey1533d ago

Not a 9 out of 10? You're clearly a Playstation shill.

Tedakin1533d ago

I finished it the other night, at least the story. Was great, but the end felt rushed. Like suddenly I was on the final mission with no build up. Beyond that, was really fun.

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