The Big 3 (Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony) And Why This Generation Hasn’t Taken Off

FATALHERO:The Big 3 have been quite difficult to completely get behind during the console generation thus far. For the most part, the last year or so has been escapades in horrible decisions from all parties, deceptive marketing, and lessons on how to alienate your customer base. It hasn’t been all bad, as there have been great games for every platform and still more on the horizon, but none of our “beloved” companies have been angels when you consider what they’ve delivered.

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TheStrokes2513d ago

In think people get way too hyped at launch...but that is - in part - the corporations fault. We get shown a future of gaming that looks and sound amazing yet it falls short almost every time.
I'm no PC gamer, but I can see where the frustration comes in, as it gets held back...but as a console gamer I don't want to pay hundreds every year for a slight leap in visuals etc...
it's all swings and roundabouts though.

And I really can't be arsed writing anymore as it's Friday and I need to get my beer on!

Bye lol

Genova842513d ago

Cheers! I'll be having a beer soon myself.

As a PC gamer, I can tell you we have our own share of headaches. I'll list a few:

1. Multiplats that aren't released on PC: GTA V, Destiny, Madden, etc.
2. Horrible optimization/utilization: Evil Within, Dark Souls, etc.
3. Driver issues: Almost every time i buy a game it takes 2 hours to get it running right if at all: Darksiders, Diablo 1 and Fallout 2 i still can't get running.

However there are quite a few benefits and thanks to modders Dark Souls is much improved over its console counterparts.

KiwiViper852513d ago

Gutted, Darksiders is my top game of last gen.

kevnb2513d ago

Some games pc gamers complain about are worse on consoles. But I'm not sure what you're other issues are, I never usually have serious issues with PC gaming. Some ubisoft games need third party tools for proper vsync, but that's ubisoft...

Yui_Suzumiya2512d ago

I remember the big stink when Rage released on PC in a completely unplayable state.

medman2512d ago

The generation has taken off just fine for's hard to argue with being ahead of the wii's sales pace at this point in it's life cycle. I would argue if not by comparison, Microsoft is also doing well. It just doesn't look great for them when compared to Sony's numbers. Remember, Microsoft didn't have this competition last time around as they released more than one full year ahead of the ps3.

C-H-E-F2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

Dear Author,
You're dumb af.

C-H-E-F2513d ago

On my phone :( now i'm dumb af too LMFAO

TheStrokes2513d ago

Don't worry lol I'm wasted now :) still check in on N4G cause I'm a geek...a manly geek though lol.


madmonkey012513d ago

isn't this the fastest selling console generation?

KiwiViper852513d ago

That's what I thought too...

Anon19742513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

So, apparently you don't need to have an informed opinion to write an opinion piece these days...

Seriously...who approves this nonsense?
First off, the very claim that this generation hasn't "taken off" isn't even touched on. It's like saying the sky is purple and then writing an opinion piece of why that is. Problem is, the sky isn't purple. And the guy can't even get his own facts straight, much less back up his opinions.

Let's have a look.

"How about Nintendo? Simply enough, they seem to just stick their fingers in their ears and yell “NYA NYA NYA, I’M NOT LISTENING” whenever feedback is offered."

What the hell is he talking about? He doesn't even try to offer an example.

"This led to speculation that they (Nintendo) were going to abandon their console."

And then he links to an internet forum as proof and even then most are commenting that Nintendo isn't abandoning the console. Way to go there.

"When Xbox One was first announced, they thumbed their noses at all the feedback they had received"

Yeah, which is why they turned around and reversed a bunch of previous decisions, right? Because they didn't listen to any of the feedback?

"Gaikai and the entire PlayStation library available at your fingertips."

No one claimed that, and even your link doesn't make that claim. In fact, it quite clearly says a selection of games would be available.

"Remember Agent?... The Last Guardian is vaporware..."
You do realize that developers are responsible for making games, right? And titles that haven't been released yet aren't really evidence of "Sony's lies"?

Downvote for this article and this Wordpress blog site in general. Seriously, is it too much to ask that people read these articles before approving to vet them for quality before the rest of us waste our time?

madjedi2511d ago

That is funny because that same demand for standards, in your first two sentences and your very last sentence.

Is often throw out the window, on countless opinion pieces on why gamergate is dead, has failed ect.

And the ever charming 1001 ways gamers are worst human beings ever, and the authors of said articles morality or character is beyond reproach.

So basically you only want submitters to approve the bullshit anti-gamergate and other articles that fit your personal agenda and not other people's bullshit articles.

Still waiting for that always absent evidence that a vast majority of gamers want to exclude women and others from gaming or game development to be presented.

If you sjw types or pro feminists, are actually trying win people over to your side(which is seriously doubt) stop going out of your way to insult them.

Anon19742510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

@madjedi. What on earth are you going on about?

Most of your rant is completely nonsensical, so I'm just going to assume you're one of those guys that disagrees with my comments as you don't believe in informed opinions versus uninformed opinions. Interesting....

rapidturtle2513d ago

I thought the Xbox one was ahead of the 360 after one year of sales for both, and I know the PS4 has to be way ahead of what the PS3 sold after a year on the market. Why do they let these articles on this site?

KaladinStormblessed2513d ago

Come winter and 2015 tons of high quality games will be releasing on all 3 consoles.

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