Pokémon Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire Eon Ticket Details Revealed

Pokémon ORAS Eon Ticket details have been revealed. Only a select number of Trainers will receive the item, which can then be shared via StreetPass.

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tigertron1538d ago

I remember buying an Eon ticket and an E-reader off Ebay just so I could get a Latias. Man those were the days.

DarkZane1537d ago

This will definitely be made available through wifi event or something like that later.

1nsaint1537d ago

you would think that since it's 2014 and all but not for nintendo.

for X and Y alone there were already mor then 10 events that you could only get by going to a certain place (gamestop, best buy, pokemon centre in japan etc.)

and if there finaly is a event on wifi it could be that it's just japan or just US or Europe