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Sunset Overdrive is undoubtedly the first AAA rockstar for the Xbox One. More importantly, it is arguably the best current-gen release we have seen so far. Despite the game’s hilarious fourth wall breaking humor, Insomniac manages to trap players into hours and hours of immersive fun. While this game alone may not be enough to sell Xbox Ones, anyone without one is surely missing out.

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Torque_CS_Lewith1535d ago

Man, Xbox owners are spoilt for choice this holiday season, not just quantity but choice as well.

lmcontaldi1535d ago

Totally agree -- it's the sole reason I finally grabbed an Xbox for the first time ever! Glad they are finally getting some exclusive support!

spicelicka1535d ago

I've literally been juggling back n forth between Forza, Sunset overdrive, Destiny, and Titanfall (after buying it for $25), and now Halo MCC is coming, somebody help!

tgunzz1535d ago

Your jukebox is loaded with hits right now. Enjoy, and game on through the holidays!!

Torque_CS_Lewith1535d ago

Shall I pm you my postal address? I am more than willing to help a fellow gamer, nay, fellow human being with his heavy game burden.
That is just the type of man I was raised to become so don't even praise me right now...

captainexplosion1535d ago

I'm more of a Sony guy, but XB1 is killing it this fall. Sunset Overdrive is amazing. Easily my GOTY. This is why I buy all consoles.

No_Limit1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

Mad respect. Owning all consoles is the way to go.

XanderZane1535d ago

Sunset Overdrive bundles are selling out in the U.S. Microsoft needs to do the same price cut for Europe as well and just give 1000 systems away in Japan over the holidays.

The game is awesome though and word of mouth seems to be spreading for this game.

gangsta_red1535d ago

This is proof that all a console needs is good software to back it up. Nintendo and MS are proving this hands down with a supposed "weaker" console on the market.

But while other celebrate power, others are having actual fun playing some of the best games out on the market right now.

And when MCC drops, it will definitely be a much more quiet place here on N4G.

No_Limit1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

Well there is always the weekly fake vgchartz sales prediction, 1080p vs 900p parity blogs, and those "beautiful, amazing, incredible, console exclusive" click bait headlines from Dualshockers to keep this place interesting. You can always count on that.

Godz Kastro1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

I am almost done beating this game. Instant classic, i havent enjoyed a game like this since... sheesh... Mario 64! The platforming is just that good.

I realized while playing last night I havent used fast travel once! Its just that fun bouncing, grinding and zooming through the air.

Not to mention I slept on a bunch of weapon and upgrades that made the game even better. I cant say enough good things about this game. My whole xbox live crew purchased it and no one had anything bad to say about it (cynical bunch) :)

It really is a phenomenal game and deserves all its high scores. I want DLC soon cause im almost done. Its one of those games you kind of dont want to finish cause its such a joy :)

Software_Lover1535d ago

LOL, I used fast travel once, never did it again.

tgunzz1535d ago

I rather traverse myself, using my g-force skills...

lmcontaldi1534d ago

Every once in a while I use the fast travel option solely for the animation. Makes me laugh every time lol

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