Far Cry 4's Multiplayer Appears To Be Battlefield With Elephants; Brand New Details Revealed

Far Cry 4's multiplayer looks to be the sleeper hit of this year.

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illAmpRefugee1531d ago

Looks good very excited 4 this game need a more hardcore based fps since bf4 is good but a little old

finbars751531d ago

I agree it looks so good. Myself I am a huge battlefield player and would love to see something different but in a battlefield style gameplay with similar mechanics. This gameplay really has me more excited for this game. Can't wait for he collectors edition. I just hope the MP works better then bf4 did lol.

Tool1531d ago

If you have a $4k pc you can play this game. Or if you have an xbox 360 you can play this game. Thank you, Ubisoft. I'm poor.

CoTton_MoUtH1531d ago

Looks good, but wouldn't compare it to Battlefield when your only able to play 5 on a squad.

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