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porkChop1533d ago

Tony, your games are shit. Just stop. They used to be great but they keep getting worse with each new release.

halfblackcanadian1533d ago

Well, THPS2 was better than the first. And it was the best option compared to the competition.
I'd rather see SKATE come back though (or Activision go that route and make a technical skating game)

VealParmHero1533d ago

Skate was really cool. I'll admit though, as much as these games got tired a while back, it has been pretty long. I'd take something along the lines of THPS2 or 3. If they keep it simple and sort of go back to the roots, it could be a fun experience. Who knows. I guess we will see. I deff agree though that a new Skate game would be awesome.

radler1533d ago

I'd much rather have a classic-styled Tony Hawk game than another entry in the Skate franchise. Skate was just boring and dull in my opinion, the old Tony Hawk games were hilarious fun because of how ridiculously over the top and arcadey they were. It would be nice to see a return to something like that, too many games these days prioritize realism over fun.

porkChop1530d ago

I'm talking about the recent games. The original THPS games were great.

3-4-51533d ago

We Need Skate 4 Please.....EA get to it.

360ICE1533d ago

Awesome! I hope it's controlled with a Wii Fit-style board!
Jk, I'm not that awful a person. I want a classic THPS-style game.

Palitera1533d ago

Great news indeed, specially now that half my time in Sunset Overdrive I keep thinking about how awesome a TH would be in that place.

JimmyDM901533d ago

I think THPS had a sizable impact on game mechanics (whether conscious or subconscious). Look all the games that use that kinetic "stay off the ground style/always moving" style that TPHS exposed a lot of people to. Now the games use parkour, grinding, gliding, flying. Arkham games, infamous games, sunset overdrive. They all do it.

andrewer1533d ago

I want TH Underground 3...this series was too much fun, I want to go skating in hell again xD

Revengeance1533d ago

If it's not like the classic ones I don't give a sh!t.

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The story is too old to be commented.