Microsoft's Xbox One Is Looking Like a Lost Cause

Kinect has been scrapped. Its price has been cut. Games have been given away for free. Despite many aggressive initiatives, Microsoft cannot seem to boost sales of its ailing Xbox One video game console. Microsoft's latest promotion involves all three: The Windows-maker is now offering the Kinect-less Xbox One to American consumers for just $350 with a game -- a nearly 40% discount from the suggested retail price last November. Although it seems like a great deal, Microsoft has dug itself a deep hole -- Sony's lead appears insurmountable.

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Neonridr1538d ago

No offense, but didn't MS have a huge lead over Sony last gen, and then after like 8 or 9 years Sony caught up?

Not saying this will be the case here, but isn't it a little early to crown a champion when this gen is expect to go for another 6 or 7 years?

nX1538d ago

It's a clickbait article.
But there is no way Microsoft can turn this around, it was clear that the PS4 will dominate before the generation even started but I never expected such a big gap from the start where both systems still have similar libraries. Now that they are starting to diversify it doesn't feel like Microsoft has enough to keep up the excitement for the Xbox One while Sony is preparing for a huge 2015.

amiga-man1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

There are a lot of differences between this gen and last gen, PS4 has dominated sales out of the gate and didn't need a years headstart to achieve it.

Despite Sony launching the PS3 packed with the latest tech (Blu Ray, Cell, HDMI) it's launch came right at the start of a major recession and that tech did not come cheap, Sony turned things around with great first party support throughout the PS3 gen,

xone is losing despite having non of those problems despite that it's weaker specs and a shambolic launch has cost xone big time.

darthv721538d ago

The concern that Sony seems to be cautiously optimistic about is the extensive lead the PS4 has also translates to them possibly hitting their market saturation point sooner than expected.

There will come a point where sales will taper off for the PS4 as those who wanted one will have gotten one. those consumers looking for something new will pick up an XB1 to compliment their PS4.

It is most likely what happened with the 360/PS3. Looking at the comparison of numbers last gen, it is very possible that the percentage of people who owned both the 360 and PS3 are significantly higher than those who only owned one of them.

So generally when a company starts to see sales decline by a certain percentage...they begin rolling out the changes to spur sales to new customers. In MS case, their sales did not equate to their estimates so they are testing the waters with various incentives until the time is right for them to fully commit to that mass market appealing price point of $299 or less.

i dont foresee sony hitting that point before MS because they definitely need the revenue that the PS4 generates at its current price point more than MS does. They lost way more than they anticipated last gen with the system production costs initially that they cant take the risk of doing the same this time.

MS at least have better flexibility with their system and the price points it can experiment with so losing $$ isnt as detrimental but it still hurts.

in either case, neither one of them is likely to pull a Sega dreamcast this gen.

Ultra1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

When more good scores/grades hit xboxone games, expect bashing-induced opinion against xbox to hit the N4G headlines pretty soon. It's too predictable and childish.

turdburgler10801538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

Said the guy named bloodborn. Sony's been dropping the ball left and right lately. Driveclub server troubles, PSN outages, botched update, PSnow rip off pricing, failed PStv, share play not being supported by anyone. Every time sony anounces something the fanboys get all excited and tout it as the be all end all and then sony releases it gets swept under the rug.The list is endless. Poorly designed thumb sticks, no DLNA, delayed games, the joke that is the PS app. I hardly touch my ps4. My xbox one gets way more attention because MS are doing everything right. It's only a matter of time before people start dropping their ps4's for xb1's.

DeadRabbits1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

I always said the Xbone will have its own niche market of die hard loyalists whom COD/FIFA make up 99.9% of their gaming time!

If it keeps them off PSN all the better!

lunatic00011538d ago

Seriously????...I feel like the Xbox has the better lineup this year hands down...all I have bought for my ps4 are multiplat games while there have been way better exclusives coming out of ms this year...hopefully next year Sony can step it up which, I know they will, because their lineup this year was lackluster but that's just my opinion

AngelicIceDiamond1538d ago

"Now that they are starting to diversify it doesn't feel like Microsoft has enough to keep up the excitement for the Xbox One while Sony is preparing for a huge 2015."

@Bloodborn With a statement like that you clearly don't know MS line up next year.

You can't just brush off MS line up like they don't have a line up next year.

Volkama1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

Microsoft can't catch up in the race.

What we don't know is when sony's sales will plateaux. The casual market isn't what it was. Microsoft may make up some ground by default because a lot of early adopters end up with both consoles, and a lot of more casual types might not get one at all.

But hardware is just part of the formula. The real measure for success is subscriptions and software sales. Install base is a big factor, but having the favour of the dual-console crowd is big deal too. Sony are in a good position.

No_Limit1538d ago


2015 is still unknown.

So far on PS4, we know of Uncaharted 4, your game Bloodborn, and the Order:1886.

On the XB1 side, Halo 5, Fable Legends, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Quantum Break are the known games that are coming out.

Both sides should have more announcement incoming.

Imalwaysright1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

@ darthv72 you seem to be forgeting that Sony is a hardware company and they can reduce the production cost of the PS4 faster than MS can do it with the X1.

Here is an article from 3 months ago.

This reduction cost on the production of the PS4, alone, raised the profit expectations for Sony's games division by 25% so Sony is definetely prepared to adjust the price of the PS4 if and when they need to do it.

redwin1538d ago

Haha, BloodBorn sounds like a commercial. Hit me up o Xbox live when you are tired of waiting for greatness. I'm undoubtably getting the game bloodbourne and most likely uncharted. But right now all you have is the prospect of 2015 and the talk of 1080p. Have you tried MS' UI? All I have for ps4 is assassins creed and TLOU.

user55757081538d ago

$350 for xbox one and a game?

how about $300 for a WiiU with 2 games!!! FULL OF WIN!

darthv721538d ago

@imalwaysright...being a hardware company has its perks. like you said, they can reduce the mfg cost which they are currently working on. That does not automatically translate into cost savings to the consumer.

that trigger is pulled when they see the system dropping below a certain percentage in sales per a set time frame (usually quarterly). MS has also stated that cost reduction in the XB1 is being worked on thanks to new fab processing on smaller dies for the chips used.

But like i said above, MS has the potential to reduce the price of the system to take a loss more so than Sony. Sony needs every $ it can get from the PS4. MS can survive a loss on the system if it means pushing more units.

both companies make their biggest $$ from subscriptions and games. If you think of it as a race to the bottom (cheaper point of entry on the consumer) then MS has the best chance to reach it first. They are more inclined to continue to sell the system at a loss to move units. Sony.....not so much despite them being a hardware company.

kreate1538d ago

Sony took some years to catch up but with a 1 year late start and with a $600 price tag. While xbox was $400.

PeaSFor1538d ago

lol at the blatant clickbait title, that said, i think MS cant turn this around.

BitbyDeath1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

Sony turned it around because Playstation brand is strong, that and the games obviously.

nX1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

"On the XB1 side, Halo 5, Fable Legends, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Quantum Break are the known games that are coming out."

Halo 5 - Uncharted 4 (Action)
Fable Legens - Bloodborne (RPG)
Quantum Break - The Order:1886 (Adventure)
Tomb Raider - No Man's Sky (3rd Party)

I know which side I prefer but I hope you'll enjoy yours ;)

nix1538d ago

bloodborn... i'm surprised people are disagreeing with you.

last gen MS was in the lead for a period of time because:

1. they came out a year ahead.
2. the RROD.
3. most of the 3rd party games were a pixel better.

this gen xbox one has none of these. nada. and their exclusive line up is going to fail as the years go by. didn't we learn this last gen? guys please. most of the guys lost out on most of the best game of the generation because they only owned xbox 360.

Thomaticus1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

I agree. You got one article saying Sony needs to be worried, then this article stating Microsoft is lost. Everyone's making money. Media is writing articles to feed each side of the coin.

bennissimo1538d ago

lol at the Sony troll saying the experiences of a TPS and a FPS are interchangeable.

People, just get both systems. You will be so much happier in the long run.

TheFanboySlayer1538d ago

10 years is tons of time for Xbox to turn things around....they've actually started to do so this year lol

GameNameFame1538d ago

One main difference. PS3 was way over priced and still out sold every year ww. X360 was out earlier.

Bobby Kotex1538d ago

90% of the articles here are clickbait.

Imalwaysright1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

@ darth72 You're making the assumption that Sony isn't willing to have lower margin profits in the PS4 1st two years in order to stay competitive and acquire more market share.

Like you said, the bulk of the profit to be made in this industry is through software sales and online paid services. The more market share Sony has, more games will be sold and more PS plus subscriptions will be made. That's exactly why I believe that Sony would do everything to stay competitive and acquire every bit of market share they can. They would only benefit from it.

Not only that but if there is one thing that Sony proved last gen is that they can have a console more expensive than MS and still sell more consoles. In 7 years MS only managed to sell more consoles than Sony in 1 year.

freshslicepizza1538d ago

is there anything wrong if xbox one ends up second overall? it will likely do better than the wii u so why do more people tend to spell doom for microsoft than they do for nintendo? i prefer microsoft be the underdog, it means they will try harder.

magnes221538d ago

@Darthv72 I get your logic on the ps4 owners adding an Xb1 to compliment. The rest of that is its a two way deal Xb1 owners will add a ps4.

ramiuk11538d ago

i dont know because in a couple of years if MS can sort there shit they will be back firing again and hopefully more trusted.
The price will be even lower and more people will jump to this gen.

Once games are not reeleased on ps3/360 numbers will increase but imo for xbox to do well they need more than Gears,Halo and forza.

they need games that rival god of war,l;ast of us,uncharteds ,ratchet clank and so on.

ALso all the crap i here Ms doing dont even appeal to anyone outside USA so they need to think more globally imo.

sonarus1538d ago

The only way microsoft can "sort their shit" is by creating the perception of better value. The whole not being able to do 1080p thing certainly hurts their case in this regard because regardless if you agree or not you can't deny in the perception of many gamers 1080p > any lower resolution.

Microsoft can lower price but more importantly i feel what they need is a new compelling ip that can represent the Xbox one. Sort of how uncharted represented the PS3 era. Xbox one needs a gears of war type game. A revolutionary type game only on the system that is HIGHLY compelling. Those games don't come around very often and they take time to develop and time is not in their favour right now.

I would honestly be surprised if the Xbox brand remains with microsoft after this generation the way things are going. I can certainly see samsung, or amazon picking up the brand and perhaps doing a far better job with it.

ABizzel11538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

To all those saying 2015 is unknown....umm it's very well established.

2015 line-up:


Tearaway, Until Dawn, Bloodbourne, The Order, Persona 5, Ratchet and Clank, Wild, Without Memory, Dragon Quest Heroes, Disgaea 5, Everybody's Gone to Rapture, God Eater 2, MLB The Show 15, Uncharted 4, Yakuza 0, Ys, Guilty Gear Xrd, Planetside 2, Deep Down, Snow, Let It Die, Magika 2, No Man's Sky, DayZ,

EverQuest Next, H1Z1, Silent Hills, Uncharted Collection, Horizon, Whatever else their first parties are working on

Wii U

Mario Party 10, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, Mario vs. DK, The Legend of Zelda, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Mario Maker, Yoshi's Woolly World, Splatoon, Devil's Third, Fatal Frame V, SMT x Fire Emblem

Star Fox, Project Guard, Pokken Tournament, The other game Miyamoto is working on


Crackdown 3, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Halo 5: Guardians, Fable Legends, Phantom Dust, Quantum Break, Scalebound, Screamrise, Neverwinter

Gears of War: Marcus Fenix Collection, Gears of War 4, Whatever else their first parties are working on

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Thatguy-3101538d ago

Yea we can't crown a winner yet. But there are a lot of factors that cater to Playstation dominating this generation. All in all we really can't say anything until after 5 years. I doubt the console life lifespan will last as long as last Gen.

mark3214uk1538d ago

if Morpheus comes out in 2015 holidays surely its a last nail in the coffin for ms

and you can bet your life that sony E3 will probably announce the last of us 2

VR playstation Home?
VR sims (oculus consumer will be out well before then)

its all possible

other than halo 5 what has ms got coming up? quantum break was promising until they showed the demo wtf not the game i was hoping it would be :/

TheWatercooler1538d ago

It certainly is a lost cause.It has been chopped and changed and no longer is anything like it's original vision. It's had multiple price cuts, give away's and hasn't been on the market a year.

It has now been incredible devalued and it is still losing.

Highlife1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

What always cracks me up is that people only think there can be one winner. The rest must fold and crumble if they don't sell the most. funny thing is They can all be successfull yes that can actually happen.

Thank god for that or we would all be eating McDonald's

ThanatosDMC1538d ago

Well, if you're second place, then youre first place's loser.

Xbone all ready has a bunch multiplat games that would not release on it's console, which is not good.

PONTIAC08G8GT1538d ago

Who cares though? The system IS selling and selling well. Is it selling as well as the PS4? No.

The original price was $500, they removed Kinect which saved money so now system was $400 to compete with PS4. Why is it a bad thing if the system is now $350 and you get a free game? If someone was waiting to buy an X1, what a great time to buy one.

Stupid article

Ra30301538d ago

What's funny is for the $500 X1 price you could get the full next gen experience then when the X1 didn't sell microsoft added a game and it still don't sell so they drop the price to $399 but removed the Kinect but still u can get a game with it but you don't get the full next gen experience which Microsoft is banking on the fact you will want and now to get that Kinect you get to pay an extra $150 IMO you would have been better off at the $500 price. Even now at a holiday price at $350 with a game or 2 added in plus you have to have that Kinect or it's really not next gen Microsoft still gets that $ point there never was a price drop and if you don't get or want the kinect you should have stayed with the 360.

ShadowWolf7121538d ago

The reason it's potentially problematic is that they're dropping the price by $50 (selling at an increased loss) AND giving away a game for free, which is also a loss.

They're gonna have to hope to recoup those losses on software sales, which can be an issue depending on the buyer, the kind of games they like, and how often they consider purchasing said software. If someone figures they're buying solely for Halo, for example, you'd barely break even on their purchases over the next two years.

It's a risky move.

ABizzel11537d ago


Your name is too long to type form now on XD

But the $350 isn't bad for consumer, it's great, and being able to trade-in a 360 at best buy and get up to another $190 off ($160 XBO) is a steal.

That being said it's not great for MS (especially the Best Buy promotion), because they're not profiting off of these console right now. They're playing the take a loss now, and make a profit over time game, which they don't have a choice and it's the same situation the PS3 was in earlier (pricing wise, because the PS4 has uncontrollable things going against it).

The XBO is now selling well. Being in more regions helped it EU and RoW numbers jump from 15k per week up into the 30k - 40k per week. All the promotions and price cuts have made their NA numbers reach near parity with the PS4. So yes there was a cost that hurt MS to achieve that, but they have no choice.

It's either take a loss now, for the sake of having a good deal of market share for the entire generation, and providing our next console a solid fanbase at launch.

Or ride it out, get stomped, and hope that people are willing to switch back to Xbox when the new console arrive.

The first option should provide them with a 60m - 70m install base when its all said and done which is lower than the 360, but still a strong number and obviously the route they chose to go with (which is what I've been suggesting this whole time as well).

The second option could realistically have left them with an install base of around 40m (give or take) which would have been disastrous for their next console if the PS4 goes on to sell +100m like it's on track to, because most gamers simply buy the console they played on last-gen, unless there is a huge issue at the beginning of the lifecycle (PS3 price, World Wide recession, multiplats inferiority at the time, and bad press) / reveals (what happened with XBO), in which case a huge generation shift can occur.

Redgehammer1537d ago

Well said, and it's not a verified permanent price drop. I don't remember anyone crying over the PS3's price drops, if it sells consoles great. The price drop was great for me, I was able to get the last one I needed, so now both my sons, and I, have one. Xbox, is what I like, and I don't care what anyone else likes, as long as they game.

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AD7051538d ago

We would have to be fools to think that the xbox one right now with its insane deals and bundles will not do some damage. But overall the xbox one has had many deals, sometimes came with a free game, removed kinect to make it cheaper, released in more countries and nothing so far has worked because the ps4 still beated out the xboxone everytime without even trying. Not to mention sony still has most of the world. In fact outside of hell America the X1 has no chance anywhere else and even then the ps4 is still doing well in America. So globally the ps4 will still win but the X1 might swoop up the USA.

XanderZane1538d ago

Yeah, it's way to early to know what with happen in the next 2-4 years from now. I think the XB1 $350 bundles are selling very well. They've been in the top 20 on Amazon for almost a week now. The Sunset Overdrive has been sold out and other vendors are selling it well above the $350 price.

We'll see what November's numbers show in December. I think Microsoft will take back the U.S. in do time. They probably don't have any chance in Europe or Japan since they hate everything Microsoft in those countries. China might grow a bit if Microsoft can cater to their gamers in the right way. They need some free MMO's and low price Indie games in that Country to get gamers on board. The big named games won't sell well. Microsoft will still easily sell over 50 million XB1 before this generation is over. I'm still baffled as to why the Xbox 360 is still over $200. The system should be $150 or less right now. Anyone thinking that M$ won't have lots of exclusives next year are delusional. The reason why there weren't a lot of exclusives for the XBox 360 in 2012/2013 is because they were making XB1 exclusive games for the future. Expect some BIG surprises at the E3 next year. Sony will have a lot of great games next year as well. They really need to dig themselves out of that large debt though. Losing billions each year isn't good for the company. I'm surprised Kaz Hirai still has a job at Sony.

lifeisgamesok1538d ago

Exactly. And with Microsoft saying they might delay some games into 2016 that years lineup is probably already looking wonderful with Gears of War 4, Crackdown 3

I can see Xbox One catching up this gen

breakpad1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

the same would happened at the previous generation (x360,PS3, wii) if the majority of the lame ass Japanese devs didnt go multi for some of the flagship franchises of PS...they bored to exploit the excellent PS3's cell processor and they preferred the easy X360 pc like processor...the only one who stayed loyal exclusive to pS3, was Kojima with his MgS 4 and the infamous Fromsoftware which used Sony 's invented phyre engine...although Sony with flood of mediocre to good -yet exclusive games ( uncharted,Gow, Infamous , Killzone etcetc) managed to beat X360 again

Bill_Willson_CIA1538d ago

Yeah but sony had European countries + japan to help them.MS doesn't have this kind of loyalty to back them up....

Even if they get US back on their side,it will not be 2:1 like it was with X360 vs PS3 and european countries will put PS4 way above Xone globally.

SoapShoes1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

Yes but only because it came out a year early, PS3 out sold the 360 every year except 2011.

XisThatKid1538d ago

True but the difference here is that PS4 leads in sales all around the world and the Xbox Brand isn't as necessarily profitable for MS as PS is for Sony. That 9 million sales gap took Sony 7 and 1/2 years to catch 360 was out for an entire year with no direct competition from Ninty or Sony and managed to sell as many as PS4 did in 9 months with direct competition.
PS3 closed that gap by constantly selling more units than 360 world wide and consistantly.
Not saying X1 can't do it but I'm saying it's unlikely that X1 will catch up unless Sony not only drops the ball but flattens it and throws it down the street or MS gets X1 appealling in other territories. The lead is heavy and Sony sells worldwide unlike its competition which mostly sells well in US and Euro primarily not exclusively. Good luck MS and Sony keep that momentum goin all in all gamers will win so much this gen because of this. MS is hungry again and Sony has humbled themselves.

Pogmathoin1538d ago

Sunset, excellent reviews... Check.... Halo MMC, outstanding reviews.... Check..... Sudden negative articles on Xbox One..... Check.... Look at source, look at submitter..... Check.....

AngelicIceDiamond1538d ago

I guess an article like this needs to be made considering all the great games that's getting released for the system and bunch of different bundles.

Possible impending success is a threat to some folks.

illAmpRefugee1538d ago

i dont see this gap shrinking although i dont expect yhe ps4 2 keep outselling x1 at 2:1 ratio as it is now tht would be crazy if tht continues the whole gen

geddesmond1538d ago

Yes MS had a huge lead last gen but only because it released over a year earlier. The PS3 also had fewer exclusive games in the first year than MS had and the PS4 now has but Sony had more first party studios only supoorting PS3 so they caught up with the likes of Uncharted and GOW3. MS doesn't have those studios to help pull them out back into it like Sony did. Even the PS Hack couldn't stop sony ad that was bad press for Sony for nearly a year.

PS4 is winning and it always will win especially when they announce this game I've been Alpha testing since last weekend. Oh god you thought Infamous, bloodebore and The Order look great. Well this blows them all out of the water and the gameplay and RPG leveling system is so smooth and unique.

ThanatosDMC1538d ago

Which game are you talking about?

geddesmond1538d ago


None I thought I'd throw that last bit in for reactions. But we all know UC4 will blow everything out the water. We know the Next GOW will destroy and we know ND are bound to release a Last of Us sequel.

Whats MS gonna do. Release 3 more Halos? Definitely Release another Forza every year? of course. Go back to Gears of War without Epic behind development? When new devs take over a frachise they are never as good as the old games. Rely on 3RD Party support? Yeah not many 3rd partys will support them in the future if the PS4 sales gap gets even bigger.

Would you choose the smaller install base for an exclusive? only if you got a big bag of money to justify the sales lost on the other console and the way MS are practically give away he consol at half price when you take in the 3 free game I doubt whoever looks after their accounts will give that bag of money the go ahead.

Magicite1538d ago

I will certainly get PS4 soon, but no way Ill get X1 anytime soon, BUT - Lately Xbox exclusives are getting really high scores: Forza Horizon 2; Sunset Overdrive and Halo MCC.
MS is putting a good fight and that wont be unnoticed.

nitus101538d ago

Well it really depends on the types of games you like. Games like Forza Horizon 2; Sunset Overdrive and Halo MCC will be exclusive to the XB1 however there are or will be other similar games out there which will most likely be mulit-platform or even exclusive to the PS4 as well.

It really is your choice, last time I looked neither Microsoft, Nintendo or Sony has forced anyone to buy their consoles.

Looking at all the consoles and their games at the moment I still can't justify purchasing any of them although next year will most likely be different.

Automatic791538d ago

This article seems to try to put Xbox One down when we are hearing nothing but good news about Xbox One, MS, and the games.

TheXgamerLive1538d ago

Their needs to be an N4G judge and not of fanboys that can hault an idiotic post like this before its approved. Its obviously a butthurt fanboy and not an intelligent gamer/Author.
MS has don't nothing but positive moves for the past year and they've made the Xbox One a great console in many gamers eyes. Phil has been a godsend to the Xbox division and will continue to better it.

ipach1538d ago

MS had a one year head start and a much lower starting price for a whole additional year or more until Sony finally came around when it introduced the first slim. Sony never did catch up in the US though. Sony mainly caught up worldwide because it won over the rest of the world. Microsoft is going to have a much harder time following Sony's PS3 catchup roadmap... their best bet is to somehow re-dominate the US, probably with an aggressively priced slim model and lots of free games

Jaqen_Hghar1538d ago

Sony was never getting outsold if you lined up the launches though. Also Sony was $200 more and still sold more. This is a completely different case they were launched at the same time and now Xbox is cheaper

llxKonanxll1538d ago

Xbox never had a lead. They counted the RROD for xbox’s sold. It was sleazy .

Bzone241538d ago

Can you provide a link that has proof of this? Actual proof, not a site just saying it.

1538d ago
llxKonanxll1538d ago


The 360 was released in 2005. The exchange program was implemented in 2007. My 360 broke early on; I called Microsoft and they said nothing could be done at that time. I was told to buy a new console. The failure rates were significantly high! I know MANY people who’ve needed to buy 3-4 condoles because of it. You’re being naive if you think otherwise.

Oh yeah. Because a company will just come out and say they’re stacking sales with faulty console re-purchases.

TheBlackSmoke1538d ago


LOL, The PS1 and PS2 completely annihilated the competition in their times, there was never a conversation about which console sold more. Pointless comparision.

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MeliMel1538d ago

None taking.. people need to realise its a marathon not a sprint. Back in the days we never had these dumb sales, your in last place, whos in first, res this, 30 frames here..blah blah blah. ..we just gamed man..

ThatOneGuyThere1538d ago

it really wasnt that big of a lead. considering the PS3 wasnt even on sale.

nucky641538d ago

microsofts "huge" lead last gen due to a year headstart. once, sony launched, they consistently outsold the 360....and did so at a considerably higher price.
this gen, with MS and sony launching at the SAME TIME - there is no "huge lead" for the xbone..... and with sony having a better launch price (than last gen), they're outselling the one by a large margin.
what seems to be the problem for MS is the same problem that has dogged them since entering the console business: lack of high-quality first party content. they have great exclusives in forza, gears, and halo - but, not a lot more that has wide-spread recognition - and 2 of these 3 are shooters....and that hurts them in mass sales. sony has more first party houses....more exclusives....and more VARIETY of exclusives.
I think the one seems like a good product - but I don't think MS does a good enough job bringing exclusive, in-house software to their machine.......which leads to the sales difference. of course, there are those who will say "but ps4 hasn't had the games during the first year" - and this is true. however, the xbone certainly hasn't done a whole lot better. what helps sony is their history in the console business.... they (with the ps1/2/3) have created a brand that's shown they'll deliver the content....and it's this confidence that I think is driving sales.

Godmars2901538d ago

Think you're missing the point that it was MS who was caught up to after having an advantage. Now they're at a disadvantage and falling behind.

In all practical sense nothing has changed.

kparks1538d ago

Actually the motley fool is a pretty reputable bunch of guys with typically solid information.