Why I Love Steam

Gale writes - "There’s a reason people love Steam. It may not be all that dependable, it may not be goddamn perfect, but it’s sleek, it’s nice and it keeps ALL of your games nicely prepped up for playing. There’s a reason people don’t love Origin. Do you know what that is? It’s not a bad service per se, not by a long shot. It’s nice, they’ve got sales and all that. But the thing is – it’s not Steam. It forces me to have a split library, to run multiple storefronts and to log in into two wholly different programs just to play all of my games whenever I want to. "

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smoothdude1532d ago

Wow this is pathetic. Honestly both services allow you to save your password, and it is only a matter of time before a third party will create a service which will bridge all of the services together. It has happened with pidgin messenger for messaging, and it has happened with for banking, and I am sure that something will come up to link all these gaming services.

By the way I don't complain because I can't play Halo on my Playstation or that I can't play Uncharted on my Xbox. Gamers will play the games they like even if they have to purchase a second console or download another Steam-like client to play their games.

This article is very embarrassing.

plmkoh1531d ago

Don't bother, just read Littlewashu's comment and you'll know why Steam fans shun Origin.

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s45gr321531d ago

Crap nothing to do with why the author likes Steam but to complain about origin and uplay. I felt for it again.

Somebody1531d ago

I don't hate Origin or Uplay. It's just that EA and Ubisoft doesn't have many games that interest me. Most of them are just the same game with different numbers(BF and AC) and a ton of DLCs that you have to buy separately.

GamingAddiction1531d ago

I noticed that there is a mixed opinion some have positive some negative

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