The Lack of Trainer Customization In the Pokémon Remakes Is Incredibly Demotivating

GeekParty's Mandi Odoerfer: "Game Freak’s never been afraid to remove popular features, but I’d assumed that trainer customization was here to stay. To me, the core appeal Pokémon franchise has always been the way it let you build your own adventure. You can power through the game with your starter, or swap out your Pokémon constantly. You can collect gym badges as quickly as possible, or spend days breeding shinies at the Day Care center. Choosing what you were going to wear felt like a natural extension of that."

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Hipp01537d ago

This seriously never bothers me. We couldn't even customise our trainers in Red or Blue. I get that it's a nice bonus, but does it really matter?

Beetey1537d ago

It's not a deal-breaker, but I think it's a pretty big deal. Before X and Y, people had been wanting to customize trainers for years. Adding the feature in for just one game seems like an unwise decision. It's especially strange considering that ORAS is built on the same engine as XY, so very little would have to be done to include the feature. In my opinion, it shows that Gamefreak cares more about constantly changing the series than actually evolving it (no pun intended).

-Foxtrot1537d ago

I feel like they've added stuff in Ruby and Sapphire remakes which don't belong there and stuff like character customization have been left behind

I mean I know people like them in X and Y but why add stuff like mega evolutions and even the Primal Pokémon in a remake of an OLD game which NEVER had them. Fair enough if it's a new game which takes the series forward but it's a remake of an old game, you start changing things around it's going to end up being "That wasn't there in the old games". I get it's to make it seem fresh but little features like customization would of been better, then you have more customization for your secret bases, that's great.

Customization our trainers isn't a big deal since it's not much of a game changer which would look out of place when comparing the games to the originals but things like mega/primal evolutions are.

Stuff like customization should of came first.

Chard1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

Does anyone else cringe when they read the phrase 'should of'?
I can't be the only grammar nazi around here right?

lizard812881537d ago

They shouldn't have taken it out. Their reason was even dumber saying that Kalos is a fashion region, so that is why they can change your look, but Hoenn isn't, so you can't. It should have been a new staple in the series.

Snookies121537d ago

Yeah, seems a little weird that they'd take that out. It's unfortunate, but it doesn't take too much away from the game.

deadpools_n641537d ago

Not really bothered by lack of customization. I'd be even happier if they went back to the old school top down style and really worked on simplifying it. Maybe not to the extent of the original red/blue but I'm starting to feel like its getting a lil convuluted and unbearable in some areas. Just my opinion thou

Summons751534d ago

I would be bothered but the they didn't have a good selection of clothes it felt more like a test run and was sorely lacking. I liked changing my character up but half way through the game there wasn't anything interesting about it anymore.