If Advanced Warfare Confirms One Thing, It’s That P2P Multiplayer Needs to Die in 2015

CraveOnline: "By now you’ve likely heard about the myriad issues affecting the latest Call of Duty, and if you’re not actually playing the game (because let’s face it, gamers are showing up for CoD less and less each year), you may be wondering what all the hubbub is about. Well, the issue is a complicated one, but can be boiled down to a central, major distinction; the continued use of peer-to-peer multiplayer connections, vs. those powered by dedicated servers. Microsoft’s Azure servers are known for their dependability, for example, and are a big part of why Titanfall’s online experience was and still is incredibly smooth and reliable. The game had other issues, sure. But lag and cheap deaths were not one of them."

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JonnyBigBoss1535d ago

Seriously. Why are we still using P2P in 2014? What a joke.

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

Companies are cheap a**es. That's why

Septic1535d ago

Onr of the biggest franchises in thr industry and they cheap out on servers. Absolutely pathetic

Godz Kastro1535d ago

Who are you telling, either sign up with Azure with MS or set up your own. Im fine with either one. I cant stand p2p any longer. These guys make too much money on this franchise to not spend money on it.

nbalive891535d ago

they make billions every year cant have dedicated servers smh

AutoCad1535d ago

im constantly getting 1-2 bars on PS4..
Xbox one seems kinda a little more stable (i get most of the time a solid connection) but still sometimes has its lag issues.

But i agree games need to start using Dedicated servers wether its MS Azure servers or whatever.


When people stop actually BUYING the game and demand the servers first, maybe they will actually do something about the issue.

The community has been crying for servers since about MW3 when the lagcomp became an unbearable issue. it's been the same with every cod game since then.

still having servers does not guarantee anything. Look at the lag issues BF4 has had.

I still believe there is a fundamental issue with the network code. Again, watch the videos on Youtube of lag happening over a Lan connection.

There are other games that play over p2p and don't have half the issue Cod has had. they need to sort out their code!

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sevilha821535d ago

Thank you...

If more people talked to this companies with their wallets they would listen,how is it possible that in nearlly 2015 they dont use dedicated servers for one of the most famous competitive online shooters out there,it´s such basic tech nowdays and i´m pretty sure it should not be that expensive for them to buy and use.

Oh and about the net code i´ve thought about that too,it´s ridiculuos that one would fell lag comp playing in lan,i´ve seen first hand,it´s lousy coding from their part,if they want to keep this franchise alive they need to do two things:

Make a brand new engine,from scratsh it´s nearlly 2015 for heaven´s sake,for how much longer will they use the same old ,wrinclly and outdated engine ,it may look good but you can only re ash it so many times,with so many good and brand new engines out there(Unreal,Frostbite;Fox engine,and so many others)they just need to pick one and start from there.

And after that all they had to do is USE God Damm dedicated servers,for the online component like pretty much all the major shooters out there,just imagine if Conter Strike was P2P...

I´ve choose not to buy this year and so far i´m not regratting it,Ghosts was the final straw,never again will i suport a franchise that does not suport me as a customer.

And it´s a shame too,i played COD 4 for two years straight pratclly everyday,how could such an epic game fell so low in seven years.

Let´s see what Rainbow Six has to offer,it apears to be the next big thing,maybe some (good)competition will do good to the COD franchise and someone in there will open their eyes instead of being there just to cont bills.


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