Halo feels shockingly different at 60FPS (in a very good way)

Dealspwn writes: "It takes some getting used to. Seeing as Halo 4 was the first section of the game to install, I spent the first level both gawping and questioning my own sanity. I genuinely thought that I'd gone completely loopy following the observation deck shootout as even Grunts seemed to move like The Flash after a strong coffee, let alone the Elites and Jackals as I pushed on into hard vacuum. A quick blast on the Xbox 360 later and, nope, I'm not imagining things.

Or more accurately, I've played so much Halo over the years that the leap from 30 to 60 frames per second was literally a shock to my system.

And it's bloody brilliant."

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aviator1891532d ago

Very glad to know that 60fps will be present in Halo 5 as well.

Blues Cowboy1532d ago

Yeah, absolutely. Halo is a great fit for 60FPS, since the colourful chunky art style really pops and means that they don't have to put extra work into the human faces and animations - everything is already very alien.

Halo2ODST21532d ago

I wonder how it would feel if they added some of the masses of deleted content (due to deadlines) over visuals, that would be interesting.

FuzzyPixels1532d ago

I'm just replying to your name... because I'd love to see ODST 2 as well.

Man, that game is so great. It's just a setpiece-stuffed Firefly love-in, with a moody jazzy epic soundtrack, and a cracking story... and that's awesome.

Halo2ODST21532d ago

I liked ODST a damn lot as well, though it lacked a good setting, as you only get to drop down once, and well, it wasn't the ideal seting for an ODST game, Delta Halo handled ODSTs better, i would love a second game as well, with a superior odst experience

Blues Cowboy1532d ago

Hopefully they can bring all the Firefly stars back too. Ron Glass could be an ornery sergeant, Summer Glau would rock as an AI...

...sorry, that's not the point. What I would like to see is Edward Buck brought fully into the Halo canon again - personally I might have even preferred him in Agent Locke's role.

But hey, 343 need to make the series their own now, and there'll be time for spinoffs down the line.

Ragthorn1532d ago


I remember getting Halo 3 ODST day one for two reasons. Halo Reach beta and more Halo-ey goodness! This Halo felt different (in a good way). I loved the night-time atmosphere, the music that was dramatic, epic, jazzy, and just overall moving that fit the night atmosphere (I really love a good sound design and music in a game), the open-world-esque mission structure, and the story connection between Halo 2 and 3. ALSO, playing as a ODST! It made you feel vulnerable and weak, but that definitely added to the overall feel of the game. Also, going back to the game right before Reach released, I remember some of the graffiti on the walls saying, "Remember Reach", and I was like "That's probably referencing Halo: Reach and its events!" Some regard this as the worst Halo game, but I would definitely not put this one down. The unique feel of it won me over. My favourite tracks were the Main theme itself (I remember just waiting at the main menu for the music to finish many times!) and "Traffic Jam." I am just going on and on, but I just really liked ODST! Glad you brought it up! Sadly in regards to Halo 5 and the Master Chief Collection, I don't own an Xbox One yet. And I am not sure when I will get one because Halo was one of my memories earlier in my life that I will never forget. So I hope that I will be able to get an Xbox One for the MCC, looking at it literally brought a tear to my eye because of how beautiful it was. Especially Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2 in glorious 60 FPS. I am going to stop rambling now, long story short, I loved ODST!

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TheWatercooler1532d ago

I suppose it's not been a bad remaster overall. Currently sitting at an 88 on metacritic. It's clearly not the best remaster of the year though. Last of us and GTA V will be fighting it out for that one

HaMM4R1532d ago

Well in terms of remastering the MCC far outdoes GTA 5 and the last of us. Very little was done to the game graphically and GTA 5 looks better, but just no where near as better as Halo 2 anniversary looks compared to halo 2. Plus the MCC packs far more content.

Blues Cowboy1532d ago

Not sure I can agree with that. Remastering an entire series spanning thirteen years, on a single console, with both singleplayer and multiplayer, is a more impressive achievement than just tarting up a game from less than a year ago.

Both in effort and value for money terms.

annoyedgamer1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

I disagree, when you consider all the content in the box and the graphical leap from Halo 2 to its Anniversary plus the CGI citscenes it looks far better.

GTAV looks great but lets not forget Rockstar designed that game with next-gen in mind and just upscale everything and turned on more detail settings. That's why they hid the PC version, so nobody would see that all they did was up the settings and re-release the game.

Agent20091532d ago

It certainly outdoes The Last of Us' remaster, not so sure about GTA V's - there, Rockstar not only dramatically changed the visuals, but also significantly improved the gameplay (hundreds of new songs, first-person mode, fixed AI, plenty of other things I can't remember now).

bennissimo1532d ago

Comparing a HD remaster of Halo CE and those other two games is apples and oranges, tech-wise. MCC is a technical achievement that far outshines the remasters of GTA V and TLoU.

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Coach_McGuirk1532d ago

this makes me want the console, and i swore i would skip this generation

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Why the hell would you skip this generation?

Edit @ below:Lol are you serious? What did Xbox 360 or PS3 have to offer in there first year. What are you expecting? A 200 million dollar budget game?

Coach_McGuirk1532d ago

don't feel like they have that much to offer me this time.

Dudebro901532d ago

That's impossible to say less than a year in...

Coach_McGuirk1532d ago

look dudes and bros, it was a personal decision to not get a console this gen. how about focusing on the fact that i was praising the game instead?

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Well your comment of skipping a generation drew more interest. I already know many people want to get this console because of this game. However I don't know anyone who chose to 'skip' this generation over reasons not clarified

cool Older Gamers are always awesome. I'm not saying you are old but gamer population usually decreases the older people get (I think they do anyhow). Well then if you have bigger priorities and have a gaming pc that you will use, then that is much much more understandable.

Blues Cowboy1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

@Coach_McGuirk: That's fair enough. If a generation hasn't managed to personally wow you enough to spend a HUGE amount of money, then you totally shouldn't get involved.

Consoles aren't an investment - don't let anyone tell you otherwise. They're only as good as they games you can play on them right now, and if you don't like those games, then your money is better off in the bank. I wonder if 2015 will change your mind.

Coach_McGuirk1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Fine, have it your way. I'm in my mid-thirties, focused on my family, friends don't have them either, oh yeah and i have a capable gaming PC. Anything else you'd like to know? I got the original xbox day one, and a 360 in it's 2nd year. Had great times with the Halo games, and thought to myself "hmm these Halo remastered games almost make me want to get a current-gen console."

iliimaster1532d ago

halos fun but man after all these shooters and different games when i played halo 4 it just was horrible not being able to aim right very outdated weapons style

Blues Cowboy1532d ago

I prefer 'vintage,' personally, but I actually find Halo's combat loop refreshing and invigorating after so much ADS and practically infinite ammo. Thinking and improvising our way out of combat sandboxes, and being forced to improvise and encouraged to experiment with new things (different weapons, vehicles, elevations etc) is my jam, and why Halo still holds up. Seriously, CE is still a beast.

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Mister_Audrey1532d ago

I've seen Halo: Reach at a faux 50-60 fps. It was a on a TV that could smooth out the image. It was pretty cool but unplayable due to input lag.

masterfox1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

but..bu..but...30 fps to 60 fps doesn't make any difference right right ? bunch noobs lol :D

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