The Nintendo Amiibo and What You Should Know

The Hidden Triforce updates fans on how the Amiibo will work on the Wii U, 3DS and what software titles it will work with. Plus a quick peek at Link's Amiibo and the bonus it grants for Hyrule Warriors!

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LegendZelda1533d ago

I really do not understand the amiibo appeal. Seems like a gimmick.

Neonridr1533d ago

tell that to people who play Skylanders or Disney Infinity..

LegendZelda1533d ago

Agreed! Even then I just do not understand the need for the device. Nintendo does not even have a game just for their amiibos. They are adding in micro tasks for them in other games.

bcornett141533d ago

I think that is what I like about the Amiibo more is that Nintendo realized that Disney Infinity and Skylanders are just one game. The Amiibo will work across not just multiple games, but multiple systems - so I think that's a smart way to work them.

Also, what's to stop the kid that stays the night as his friends house taking his Link Amiibo to play Smash Bros. or Hyrule Warriors while he doesn't have a Wii U at home, he does have a 3DS and Smash on that? I think that's a smart market to get into.

Neonridr1533d ago

@LegendZelda - yeah, I can see your point there. But that doesn't mean that Nintendo might not create software exclusively to use with the Amiibo's down the road though.

LegendZelda1533d ago

It would be cool to see a full-length Infinity kind of title with Nintendo characters. I would probably get that and buy a ton of those amiibo figures if needed.

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ChickeyCantor1532d ago

It is a gimmick. That said, gimmick is not something negative.

sliceofmike1533d ago

Amiibo seems like a pretty lukewarm thing but I like collecting figurines and things, so I'd enjoy having them for the showing off aspect alone. Unlocking bonus content is almost a plus for me.

Neonridr1533d ago

lol, my thoughts exactly. I have all the ones from wave 1 and 2 on order. I haven't even decided if I will use them or just keep them for collectors purposes.. :)

TXIDarkAvenger1533d ago

Gonna pass on them since they downgraded it visually. They looked really neat to display but now they look pretty low quality.

jholden32491533d ago

Nothing was downgraded. That's what happens during mass production with assembly lines. Unless the figures are deburred and painted by an artists hands, this is how it works. You create the master, then make a mold for casting. The common castings will always be of a slightly lesser quality. For 12 bucks, this is as good as it gets. You want higher quality without the higher price, doesn't work that way.

First4figures has incredible quality figures, but you pay $400 for each one. Because maintaining that level of quality is not possible in mass production

LegendZelda1533d ago

I do not understand the complaint against their quality. If you want a sexy figure then go spend top bucks on F4F. Otherwise why would there be an expectation for high quality workmanship in a mass produced add-on?

TXIDarkAvenger1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

I didn't expect high quality, but that's what they showed when they announced it. They still look good but not better than what they originally showed. I understand why its of lesser quality but now I'll be buying only for use as an add-on rather than both using it and displaying. Also they would of been official figurines.

randomass1711533d ago

I saw some hires pics of the final models for the Amiibo and they actually look a lot better than the screens Kotaku provided. Not as good as the prototypes but a lot better than the Kotaku pics nonetheless. The supports are still a little ugly but the characters look good IMO.

MNGamer-N1533d ago

I am going to definitely purchase Link FOR SURE. But other than that I am going to wait to see if the functionality is worth the price, and how many games it will be used in before I purchase any others.

ZeekQuattro1532d ago

Preorderd Link and Fox. Samus will be a must eventually as well.

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