Xbox 360 HD-DVD Player: For Consoles and PCs

Microsoft released their external HD-DVD drive for the Xbox 360 with a hidden surprise: it works on your PC!

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2tired2day2hate4343d ago

i was hoping they would do this, this is great and REALLY helps sell the player even to people who dont have to own a 360

NextGen24Gamer4343d ago (Edited 4342d ago )

What this does is HUGE. This will boost HD dvd sales. When people buy the stand alone or the HD dvd add on...they are clearly intending on buying HD dvd's. Thats Great news. Right now HD dvd has a big lead on blu ray. And with the ps3's launch being so small in number and you couple that with the fact that ps3 owners aren't buying but "1" game. Who knows if they will buy 25 to 40 dollar movies. But you know that HD dvd owners will buy movies. And most HD dvd movies at Walmart or 19.99 to 24.99. And I found a site where the HD dvd's cost 18 dollars. Right now, I have 45 HD dvd's in my collection. I pick them up as soon as they release at Best Buy and use my Reward Zone Card. I just picked up You me and Dupree and The Mummy. Next week is Superman and Ant Bully.

For 199 with an HD dvd movie and a remote....its an unbelievable deal for PC owners to jump into HD movies and for 360 owners. Out of the 100 people on my xbox live buddy list....maybe only 10 to 15 have the HD dvd player. But when I'm watching HD dvd movies I get flooded with messages from gamers asking about how it looks. I know many of them have stated they want one for christmas. When you are watching an HD dvd movie...other gamers on your friends list can see that. Thats advertising within itself. Thanks Microsoft. Now, I just want a hdmi cable really really bad. I read a review of the HD dvd drive add on compared to the stand alone. they said that the differences from HDMI and componant are very minute. But they are there if you do a side by side comparisson and if you know what to look for. They said that when comparing with componant cables for both...its exactly the same. Me being who I am. A tech geek. I want HDMI. Even if its only slight. I want the slight difference. I like having the best.

But I have enjoyed games and movies in 1080p NATIVE via componant cables on the 360. Right now if you go to any Gaming store. Look on the back of the case for Superman and Sonic. they both clearly state native 1080p support. Not upscale. I realize if you go to some 3rd party gaming sites they say 720p. But its not accurate as the Game itself actually says 1080p. Just like Nba 2k7 does for the ps3 on the back of the case. Its not a misprint either. I called both 1800 numbers and asked them personally. I just wanted to know. And its true. Both Games are native 1080p for the xbox 360. And I have read from developers that Splinter Cell is too. After the 1080p dashboard update...I loaded Splinter Cell and sure enough there was a download waiting for me. Its native 1080p. I know thats hard for sony fans to swallow considering all the stuff they talked about the 360 not being able to do 1080p. Then they said there aren't any games that do it. My advice for them is take their medicine and leave it alone. Its over folks. And with the news that HD dvd player can be used on PC's. That will definately boost HD dvd movie sales. WOW.

P.S. PS3Fan voted lame on this because he and the other sony only fans can see the writing on the walls. It bothers him that HD dvd is taking off and expanding. If you love your ps3 so games and movies and stop hating on the fact that MS is doing everything right. What is there to not like about a 199 hd dvd player that can be used on your console and or your PC. Just like the 360 controllers. Very smart Microsoft. Thats why when sony fans say the 360 has PC ports I laugh. Do you know who owns the operating system that these pc games are developed for? ha ha ha ha ha ha...As long as the game only comes out for the 360 and PC. Its exclusive to Microsoft. Got to love that.

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power of Green 4342d ago

Never convince Virtual-Gamer(Virtual Flamer).

bung tickler4342d ago

i have one of these, i got mine at before they sold out, and it is just great... it comes with King Kong which if you read the AV Forums they say King Kond is about as good as it gets for either Blu-Ray or HD-DVD and i HAVE to agree with them it really is truly amazing and the sound is really good too. considering that King Kong would cost you $40 in the store if you went out and got it yourself and the remote that comes with it cost $30 so that means you are getting the HD-DVD drive itself for $130 and that is a great deal, and also on the AV Forums they say that the drive itself does a great job of playing movies when put side by side other HD-DVD players, i wouldnt know as i don't have any other drive but i belive it. I have already convinced two of my other frieds to get the drive too. once they came over and saw it they ordered one for themselves.