4 Reasons Why H1Z1 is a Zombie Survival Game You Can’t Pass Up

With the upcoming release of H1Z1, here is a list of 4 reasons why the Zombie Survival Game should not be ignored.

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SuperDan-Dare1538d ago

Looking forward to this - looks like they'll provide a good balance for the 'bandit types' and those that want to play more co-operatively.

gamertk4211538d ago

Can't wait for the new State of Decay!

Maxor1538d ago

Same. I just wish they would eliminate the constant and annoying mission pop ups.

il-JumperMT1538d ago

Why I can pass up and I will pass up.

I HATE F2P games.

user56695101538d ago

if it was still pc exclusive you would of had over 10 agrees right now. funny how this site works right

ocelot071538d ago

I can't wait for this game. Also Survive the nights.

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