PlayStation Vita And The Search For Its Next Monster Hunter

TSA writes:

"Over two and a half years since launch, the PlayStation Vita is still searching for its own Monster Hunter. To give a little context, Capcom’s co-op focused role-playing series has developed into somewhat of a powerhouse over the past decade, its latest instalment – Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate – topping two million sales in Japan alone. Leading the charts for the fourth week in a row, over the past seven days Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has outsold both the new Super Smash Bros. and Youkai Watch 2 three-to-one. Impressive stats to say the least.

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GdaTyler1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

It'll never get the real deal, but half of the so called clones are even more creative and better than the actual Monster Hunter games, in my opinion (don't flame me bro.)

Rob72741537d ago

Toukiden is brilliant.
I'd advise anyone who likes MH to buy the new Toukiden out next year.

SleepingHero1536d ago

Freedom wars is way better than monster hunter. Monster hunter is so boring.... ZZZZzzzz

paul-p19881534d ago

Monster Hunter used to be innovative, now it's like the Japanese version of CoD. Same graphics, same monsters, same game, every year...

These 'MH clones' push the boundaries a lot more than MH ever did, and they are so much more inventive with everything that that wipe the floor with MH!

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