Examiner: 'Halo: The Master Chief Collection' - A campaign of cosmic proportions

For the generation that grew up playing Halo, the Master Chief Collection serves as both a blast of nostalgia and a return to some of the most jaw dropping sequences in the franchise. Sure the excursions of ODST and Reach were warranted and thoroughly enjoyable, but Master Chief has long been our hero, humanities savior, and one of the most iconic figures in all of video games.

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qwerty6761538d ago

cant wait to play this,

also 3 more days until we get to see the first halo 5 gameplay. great time to be a halo fan.

aviator1891538d ago

I've actually heard some reviewers have already had the chance to play Halo 5 mp.

aviator1891538d ago

Someone on vgchartz mentioned it. I'm trying to get more details, but he hasn't gotten back to me yet.

boodi1538d ago

looking forward to it

GodGinrai1538d ago

wow. How many perfect scores is that, now?

Cant wait to pick this up, next week. :)

Godz Kastro1538d ago

I missed you Master Chief! I cant wait to rejoin forces to fight the Covenant. Lets go!

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