Call of Duty Advanced Warfare: Top 5 Reasons to Skip at Launch

This year’s Call of Duty is the best yet but it’s got some major problems.

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Father__Merrin1531d ago

top 5 reasons to skip? are you joking!!!

i dont see them major problem GB is trying to ferment

burza19821531d ago

I agree with all 5 points.

Utalkin2me1531d ago

Well i disagree. Not only that the author of the piece has no clue of what even lag is. He says " Marvel as you put 7 to 8 bullets into an enemy and they immediately kill you with one. " That is not lag, that's latency. Lag is when your game slows down due to not receiving packets from host/server. If you watch killcams it always shows you a half a second or so behind and the reason why? Thats latency, not lag. If your game runs smooth and you're having problems killing people, that's due to latency not lag. Lag makes the game almost unplayable, like your dropping frames.

Enate1531d ago

Same the lag is the worst I have ever experienced next to ghost and the killstreaks are down right useless or have way to high of a score requirement. Predator missiles and harriers/choppers kept fools moving.

Ps4andxb11531d ago

Game works great for me.


MMOBytes1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

#6 black friday: most likely half off and no hurt feelings at that price.

Number-Nine1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Biggest gripe is how many shots it takes to kill someone. It is nearly ruining the fun. I am not greatest player by any means but i never had this problem to this extent with previous games

BX811531d ago

Play on hardcore and move along

Number-Nine1530d ago

Hardcore is too slow and filled with campers.

BX811530d ago

Then keep complaining, have it ur way.

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