Microsoft Exec Talks Bigger Xbox One Hard Drives, More Couch Co-Op Games

Phil Spencer says he understands the need for bigger hard drives and says industry needs more same-screen co-op games.

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XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

Same screen co-op is my favorite. (I especially love the part when I am playing against my friend and look at their screen so I can cheat hehe)

Neonridr1538d ago

harkens back to the Goldeneye days on N64. Those who could master the screen cheat would always be at an advantage.

Highlife1538d ago

The original twisted metal was awesome. My brother and I use to tape a divider on the tv so we couldn't see each others screen that was intense back in the day.

Bubiii1538d ago

Plenty of same screen co-op on PS4. Spencer should talk less and do more. Just saying.
He is only saying things that community want to hear, but talk is cheap.

Volkama1538d ago

There are hardly any decent same screen multiplayer games right now.

PS4 might get more though, as it's a nice perk with share play. Depends how much the publishers want to encourage that.

gameon19851538d ago

Dude Phil has been doing plenty of talking a deliver every thing that Xbox owners have been asking for. And with Phil case his talk is never cheap, every thing he say he will do he does it as long as it't with in reason or makes since period. Seriously name one thing that he said he has plans for that is not been delivered or in the works.

qwerty6761538d ago

yeah Chariot is awesome and its free right now, not regretting at all wasting hardrive space for it.

and its sounds like were headed into phase where 1tb xbox ones will soon become the norm.

GodGinrai1538d ago

Loving my 1TB limited edition X1. My friends are well, jealous. Made three people go out and buy white XB1s.But I am the only one of my friends with this particular edition. I hope it sells out quickly, so they cant buy it. Which reminds me...I should probably pick up a second AW edition, controller, as back up :)

SmokingMonkey1538d ago

1st thing I did with my PS4 last November was to put a 1TB hard drive inside that bad boy.

500gb is small this gen.

Took me awhile to put in a 250gb HD into my phat PS3 last gen. Now it's the 1st thing I do before I even turn any console on.

annoyedgamer1538d ago

I think your friends found this comment and disagreed with it.

GodGinrai1538d ago


LOl...No....those disagrees are the only way certain people on N4G can show their dismay at xbox's being sold.

jspsc1231538d ago

you dont want your friends to be able to have the same stuff as you. what a shi t friend. you sound like a baby

GodGinrai1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )


LOL...I like limited edition/exclusive should see,what im like, when we are out clothes shopping! My other loves include rare vinyl, selvedge denim jackets and ultra limited edition sneakers. I like stuff that is not seen everyday. Unless I own it.

shaw981538d ago

We need more couch co-op games. Nintendo is the only one still making them. I can't play many games with my little brother on xbox or playstation. Those are mainly single player systems.

SteamPowered1538d ago

More couch co-op please! Diablo 3 was wonderful. I'm always on the lookout for games I can play with the gf. So far Nintendo has cornered the market on couch co-op.

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