GamesBeat: Halo: The Master Chief Collection is part time capsule, part treasure chest (review)

Judging Halo: The Master Chief Collection by its value proposition alone would be a disservice to its quality but, admittedly, speaks volumes about what you can expect.

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AngelicIceDiamond1535d ago

Another beatiful score. It must be one hell of a remaster.

BallsEye1535d ago

Not sure what kind of remaster you need to make to get 100 score. If Halo with 4 campaigns with upgraded graphics (halo 1 and 2 anniversaries complete overhaul, new engine, halo 3 and 4 upped particles, resolution, framerate etc) over 100 MP maps, classic mode and next-gen mode to switch real-time, around an hour of One of best CGI cut-scenes ever created (blur studio!!) gets 91/100 then remasters like TLOU with only bumped up res should get 50/100 maximum.

IAmNotAMonster1535d ago

Yep, that's exactly how reviews work.

crazytown991535d ago

I literally cannot argue with that.

insomnium21535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

I don't think the quality of the remastering job has EVERYTHING to do with the score. The game itself still has to be a true masterpiece to get 10/10. Not that Halo isn't a masterpiece just going by the merits in your comment.

Omran1535d ago

here we go with fanboy logic

u4one1535d ago

Usually when a comment bugs you enough to call the person a fanboy for using what seems to be common sense, you yourself just might be a fanboy. Just saying...

Omran1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )


yeah so I gave halo 50 to call me a fanboy, and why bring a game that is not related to the review lol !

also he gave the last of us a 50 out of 100 lol what logic is that to gave the game 50 :)

and yeah like naughty dog made the last of us by using photoshop and paint program lol

and what common sense ?!

marlinfan101535d ago


Hes not saying tlou deserves a 50. Hes saying if halo (4 games in one, 100 mp maps, all the improvements, etc) cant get a perfect score or even the same score as the individual games, then tlou shouldnt get rated as high either since its merely a bump in resolution. No ones talking about the quality of the games since theyre both some of the best games ever made.

ArtificiallyYours1535d ago

Oh hell you're just upset about everything aren't you?

Ps4marksthespotnotX1534d ago

It's a remake get that into your head, it's not some new exciting exclusive.

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ColManischewitz1535d ago

This lapsed Halo player may check this out. I always like the campaign modes.

Ikonic1535d ago


u4one1535d ago

*thinks back to Driveclub*

No_Limit1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

I am so glad MS is putting their focus on quality of their exclusive releases. The past 3 games have been nothing but spectacular in terms of content, gameplay, value, and above all else, Fun...and the scores and confidence with early embargo are living proofs of that. Continue the great work team Xbox and can't wait to see what you guys have cooking for 2015!

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