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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare doesn't completely reinvent the franchise, but the new Exo Suit and updated engine breathe some fresh air into the series after a few missteps over the past few years.

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Harold_Finch1532d ago

I don't get how the "familiar" part is a con, it's a sequel?

4logpc1532d ago

who said is was a con?

Harold_Finch1532d ago

The "BUT" in the title...

4logpc1532d ago

Simply because it says but, doesnt mean its a con...

3-4-51531d ago

I really liked this game for the first few days.

* Just like Titanfall, Just like Destiny.....the same thing is happening with this game.

It's jut not "doing it" for me. It got old quick and the twitchy fast gameplay isn't that skillful.

I do pretty good, but even doing good in a match isn't satisfying or fun.

No kills or strategy or tactics or anything in the game is all that satisfying.

Some of it is of high quality, in terms of how it looks and the flow, but it's just not that fun.

* It's like there is a skill cap that hits after the first 3-4 days.

You can only get SO good at this game because of all the other BS that is there.

I'm really glad that took this chance though...the series needed it, but I've never wanted a traditional COD more in my life.

I'd love another WaW, or even Black ops 3 or something.

Something about these faster FPS games with "improved" movement, just sucks the fun right out of the game....

It's not like I don't like shooters anymore though.

Plants vs Zombies: Gardenwarfare is much more fun IMO than either of those three new FPS games. yea it's slightly different in that it's 3rd person, but it's balanced better and more fun as a whole.

Glad I didn't trade that in.

Dudebro901532d ago

Good review. Seems like a good entry, but needed a little more time in development.

MRHARDON1531d ago

Kotick would of blown a head gasket if Sledgehammer asked for more time.

supes_241531d ago

I'm having a blast playing this switching between MP, Exo Survival and the SP. haven't picked up a CoD since the first Black Ops but this is taking me back to the Modern Warfare style entry. Action packed SP with those "oh crao!" moments and the MP side is extremely fun too. Glad I picked this up