GTA 5 PS4/Xbox One Versus Last Gen Graphics Comparison Show Massive Improvements

There is a feeling among players who already own Grand Theft Auto 5 on last gen consoles that it will be a waste of money (and possibly time) to play it all over again on the new consoles.

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Jaqen_Hghar1530d ago

It's a shame you're sick but have with GTA5 Super Edition!

insomnium21530d ago

It's great I held off buying GTA5 when it first released. I'll buy this instead.

kingfetish171530d ago

I'm glad I played the last gen PS3 version. I can happily draw my own comparisons when I play the PS4 version and my MP character's over level 100 already. Time to take down some current-gen online noobs lol

u got owned1530d ago

different time of day. Not a fair comparison. Everything looks better at night because of the lighting.

Aquariusgamer1530d ago

Someone didn't look through all the slide comparisons.

Patrick_pk441530d ago

Blind? You can tell from the first photo that the trees have more detail and are sharper. The ground itself has better textures and more flora.

Mister_Audrey1530d ago

Massive is hardly the word I would use.

They turned the plants on.

Mister_Audrey1530d ago

All your video did was reaffirm what I've said.

headshotfrosty1530d ago

You are obviously blind kind sir

Snookies121530d ago

You're only focusing on the plants, that's why you're not seeing all the new texturing they've done. The reflections on the roads, cars, helicopter, etc. The updated character models, better clarity, less aliasing, more consistent framerate.

MysticStrummer1530d ago

All your reply did was confirm that you need vision correction.

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angelsx1530d ago

Why is there no discussion about PS4 parity with Xbone? Does rockstar get a pass? Is it cool to hate Ubisoft?! Seriously though, game looks fantastic. I'm Wondering is there will hd any difference between the two.

yezz1530d ago

The difference is that it's 1080p while Unity is 900p. 1080p is the highest resolution you can basically do with consoles... maybe the ps4 version will have a more stable frame rate idk.

Golden_Mud1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

Actually , the real reason is RAGE which is the only engine in the whole world that was built with solutions for everything in mind , including eSRAM , that's why Rockstar Games are simply the wizards of the industry.

Edvin19841530d ago

While the upgrades are big I think in this trailer they defiantly are hiding a lot behind vegetation. Looks excellent I will surely pick it up as I have no played much of it on 360 rented it for a day never had time.

PersonMan1530d ago

I think you're mistaken... they're hiding the vegetation in the old-gen version. :-)

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The story is too old to be commented.