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"343 Industries has decided to make his debut in the new Microsoft console with style. Taking advantage of the element of surprise it was revealed that the four games in the Halo series where Master Chief is the protagonist would appear in the new Xbox One and through a compilation named Halo: The Chief Master Collection." PróximoNível

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iNFAMOUZ11534d ago

thats too low but itll have to do

Omran1534d ago

some fans bash reviews that gave the game an 8 and call the sites unknown, now excuse me what is your thought now with this unknown
gaming site that give the game 10 out of 10 ?

I don't say the game don't deserve a 10 but some fans really
have to stop with these types of comments :)

Blackleg-sanji1534d ago

Anybody else find it a bit sad the best rated games on ps4 and xbox one are remakes...

spicelicka1534d ago

I think that'll change next year

Blackleg-sanji1534d ago

O yea most def with all the great games coming out im kind of scared for my wallet

tinynuggins1534d ago

Sunset overdrive, fantasia, project spark and FH2 aren't remakes and those are some of xbox ones most highly rated games.

Blackleg-sanji1534d ago

Infamous second son,killzone shadow fall, mlb the show 14 are rated high but what i was saying was the highest are remakes. Idk why u listed games

GearSkiN1534d ago

Shadow fall was rated high?

PrinterMan1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Didn't think it would score any less. Anything Halo and it's automatically a 10. Not saying they're not great games but...Well I tried Halo and it's not my type of game. I just find the whole review system clunky these days. "This games is perfect but this could have been a little better or this part was a little boring". I have seen those line in some reviews so I guess things can be perfect with flaws??? Too many 9 and 10 games I find far from perfect. Now Halo started a lot of good stuff I cannot deny but 10? For value absolutely but guaranteed not each Halo was a 10 on it's own.