Microsoft Should Also Offer AAA Game For Xbox One Games With Gold For Dec: Here Are Two Best Choices

Microsoft should follow of the line of Sony and should offer Xbox One owners Free AAA game under "Games With Gold" scheme.

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XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1534d ago

I think either Forza 5 or Dead Rising 3 would be a great choice. Ryse... not so much

Zichu1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

I have actually never played a Forza game before, even though I have owned a 360 since 2008 and own a X1... I would like to play FH2, but if they gave F5 away through GwG it would give me a chance to try the series out and decide on whether I should get FH2.

EDIT: Do they handle exactly the same way? I have heard about Horizon 2 being an open world racer. I had fun with Midnight Club L.A. because it was open world.

bennissimo1534d ago

Forza and Horizon are totally different. You should find a way to test both on their own merits before making a decision.

mcstorm1534d ago

@Zichu there is a demo available for Horizon 2 to try so ide advise on giving that a go.

DarthZoolu1534d ago

Most of the X1 free gold games I already owned when they went free. DR3 is the best choice imo. I had it but traded it in for bills. Would love to have it again. It was a shit ton of fun.

MasterCornholio1534d ago

Those are great choices.

I agree with you on Ryse. That game would be terrible for games with gold.

MasterCornholio1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )


I don't have to own an Xbox One to play Ryse. I basically played it at a friends house and while the story is pretty cool and the graphics nice (not the best I've seen though) the gameplay felt very repetitive. I played it for 4 hours so that's plenty of time for me to decide whether its a good game or not.

Next time dont try and tell me what I did or didn't so since you dont even know me in person.

DOMination-1533d ago

You need to tell us something less generic than "the graphics were good" or "the story was cool" to convince people you actually played it.

MasterCornholio1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )


What else do you want me to do? Post my 4 hours of gameplay on YouTube or tell you the whole story?

But then you'll just say I posted somebody else's video or that I got all the information of the Story by watching let's plays.

I know you refuse to believe me because I didn't like the game. But the fact is I'm not the only one who played Ryse and didn't enjoy it.

If it makes you feel any better I loved Dead Rising 3 and if I had a PC that could handle that game I would buy it.

P.S In the end its all down to personal opinion and I have the right to state mine.

P.S.S I know you liked Ryse and I respect that so I expect you to respect my opinion. If I believe that DR3 or Forza 5 are much better choices for Games with Gold than Ryse I dont see any issue with having that opinion. You might think that Ryse is a better game than those too but I disagree with you on that.

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mhunterjr1534d ago

Honestly, I want Kinect Sports Rivals.

I love having those games around for Parties/kids, but I don't want to pay for it.
If they want to go 3rd party, I'd like to see Tomb Raider: DE. Another game I want to play, but don't want to buy.

I doubt we'll see Forza5 or DR3, because they have a racing game and a open world game that they are pushing, FH2 and SO.

Ryse seems out of the question too because they are giving it out to people who bought SO bundles.

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1534d ago

Do you know how much people that would upset that have not purchased the kinect?

bennissimo1534d ago

Their fault for not getting a Kinect.

MasterCornholio1534d ago


I think they would get mad due to how bad the game is.

Forza 5 or Dead Rising 3 are much better games than Kinect Sports Rivals which got a meta of 60 compared to the 80+ of those two titles.

mhunterjr1534d ago

Can't please everyone... Its no different than when they offer a game you already own...

donthate1534d ago

I second that on Kinect Sports Rivals

2cents1534d ago

I'd like Metro Redux Please :)

Galletto31534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

You should buy it to support the Ukrainian studio that created the series (4A Games)!

They went through a lot more than american studios in creating this game, and they will produce more high quality games in the future.

opoikl1534d ago

Galletto is absolutely right.

Both 2033 and Last Light are excellent games oozing with atmosphere. I just finished the campaign of Metro 2033 (Redux) and really liked the flow of it, from crawling through dark and damp tunnels riddled with spiderwebs to the overly bright outdoor level in and around the library.

2cents1534d ago

I do want this game and I will get it once I have cleared the backlog on my to do list.

My wallet is really hurting thanks to the latest onslaught of games. It will be mine one day :)

jackanderson19851534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

forza 5 would definitely seem to be the game of choice... they recently did that free weekend for it, would help promote forza horizon 2 more towards christmas, by all accounts its a solid racer, it's AAA, it's first party, it's 1080p60FPS,

can't see Ryse or DR3 especially since they just re-released it as a full package.

Volkama1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Ryse is not available for purchase only because Ryse Legendary Edition has replaced it.

Which is lame, because it keeps the price up at £45.

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