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Here's more information on the upcoming survival horror Alone in the Dark: Illumination, which will have coop.

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ccgr1531d ago

Never played that series

Aurenar1531d ago

How to ruin the father of all survival horror.

Alexious1531d ago

Give it a chance at least!

-Foxtrot1531d ago

Why? It's doing the same thing as Capcom with RE and even EA with Dead Space

Co-op is never good...they are using it as a gimmick to try and find a cheap way to bring in more fans to the series instead of actually making a decent survival horror game.

TedCruzsTaint1531d ago

More or less true, but they've never been truly regarded as masterpieces. The originals were cool for their time, but they haven't held up nearly as well as those of the series that just nearly followed them (Silent Hill, Resident Evil, etc.
A New Nightmare was little more than a serviceable Resident Evil clone, though the 2008 release held a lot of promise . . . just executed incredibly poorly.

bluerocker1531d ago

Very cool! I love these horror games. I'm hoping this one doesn't disappoint!

Imp0ssibl31531d ago

I have a bad feeling about this one...

-Foxtrot1531d ago mean Together in the Dark

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