Face-Off: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

It's still Call of Duty, but how fine it looks. On all formats, Advanced Warfare brings the generational leap we wished we had seen in Ghosts - one that benefits not only PS4 and Xbox One versions but also the maxed-out PC release. Post-processing ingenuity, a rebuilt lighting model, plus the use of best-in-class motion-capture tech make this the most photo-realistic entry yet. But while each version has its advantages, exactly what improvements does PC itself bring to the table and what hardware does it take to run?

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jackanderson19851531d ago

there ya have it their verdict... campaign depends on your preference of resolution over performance or vice-versa... multiplayer it's PS4 cuz of the static Full 1080p....PC is the overall winner even with lesser rigs it seems

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1531d ago

PC with lesser rigs? Wth is that supposed to mean?

Neonridr1531d ago

that you don't need a super powerful PC.

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1531d ago

That I understand, thanks for making it understandable lol

jackanderson19851531d ago

not $1000 plus rigs is what i meant... probably should have used the word cost or value

venom061531d ago

doesn't matter.. hit detection still sucks.

GarrusVakarian1531d ago

"The Xbox One's deficit in pixel-count is, to start, far less apparent in campaign as a result of this deluge of effects - unlike the state of affairs in multiplayer. However, on its default brightness setting (matched at 3.3 notches with the PS4 and PC), we notice a native black crush affecting visibility in dark areas."

Heh, and everyone was didagreeing with me when I mentioned this, saying that black crush was just something NeoGAF "made up".

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FITgamer1530d ago

PC loses, just for the fact that the only MP game mode you'll be able to play is TDM. Watched Angry Joe lets play. It's a ghost town on PC.

starchild1530d ago

They did a good job on all three versions. It seems, though, the PC version is the only one that will give you a full 1080p resolution and solid 60fps performance. You have to trade one or the other on either console. Still, the game looks great on all three platforms and seems to be a big improvement for the series.

pedrof931531d ago

I'm sure that Ps4 SP can be fix with patches, nice to know both have 60 fps on MP with Ps4 having better rez.

BattleTorn1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

"fix with patches"
What! When have patches ever addressed stability!!!


f50liv_imposter11530d ago

they patched the problem on cod ghosts

mochachino1530d ago

I think people would have more difficulty distinguishing between 50 and 60 FPS than the resolution difference.

Robearboy1531d ago

Ps4 has the slightest edge due to the native 1080p across the board bit this only matters to fanboys with small penis syndrome, to the normal gaming people out there it looks like a good come back from the very much maligned shooter

Neonridr1531d ago

it really only matters if you somehow have both systems hooked up side by side.

Nobody is ever going to sit there playing the Xbox One version and say to themselves, this dynamic resolution looks like garbage. They probably won't even know themselves..

GodGinrai1531d ago

Loving it on X1. Aint played story mode yet..but Ill tell you guys something that'll make you luagh..I didnt realise that I could 'Jet jump' for my first 10 or so games! LMAO!! I thought it was an exo ability! see what happens when you ignore the "its recommended you play the campaign first" message?

GodGinrai1531d ago

Back under your bridge, mate. You have done enough trolling for one day.

Genuine-User1531d ago

From the article:

"Overall, the PS4's superior image quality compared with Xbox One makes it the choice pick on the multiplayer front, with both holding up here at 60fps. As for the campaign mode's playability, it's an apples and oranges contest between the Xbox One's performance lead and the PS4's resolution advantages, with little else in-between."

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